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Venue Change - 2006 USA Wildwater Team Trials

Classic portion of the event moved to the Nantahala River

by Chris Hipgrave
Events & Programs

March 15, 2006 -- Wesser, NC

Unseasonable drought conditions across the southern Appalachians have forced the organizers of the Carolina West Sports Medicine 2006 Wildwater Teams Trials to move the location of the Classic portion of the event from the Tuckaseigee River to the Nantahala River.

Base flows on the Tuckaseigee at the Barkers Creek takeout have been declining throughout the unseasonably dry winter to a scant 300cfs. Even with the help of the Duke Power releases on the East and West Fork Dams that the race organizers have arranged, flows would barely reach 1000cfs. Mean flows for early April are typically well in excess of 2000cfs.

Consequently, the classic portion of Team Trials will be moved to the Nantahala. No other part of the Team Trials race will be changed. As a result, the entire Team Trials will be run on the Nantahala. The classic course will start at the “Ledges” rapid and finish at the Nantahala Outdoor Center. This is the same course that is used for the annual Glacier Breaker. You can find times from the 2006 Nantahala Racing Club Glacier Breaker on at

The race organizers apologize for the timing of this late breaking news and hope that these changes reach you in time to modify any lodging reservations or plans you may have to accommodate the new central location.

For more information visit or contact Chris Hipgrave, the Nantahala Racing Club's Wildwater Race Director, at