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Cedar River Race Report

High drama during the first races of the 2006 Northwest Downriver Cup Series

by Tom Wier
Western U.S. Athlete Rep.
USA Wildwater

March 11, 2006 -- Seattle, WA

High drama during the first races of the 2006 Northwest Downriver Cup Series promises an exciting season of racing ahead. Turnout was lower than usual for the Cedar River Downriver Races, but the competitions were still exciting with boat damage in the sprint and strainers in the classic. The race organizers required a practice run of the classic course because of logs in several places. Our Friday evening practice was in a beautiful snowstorm, but the weather was better Saturday morning for the second practice run and races.

The sprint was a short race through the hardest rapid on the run. Tom Wier posted two fast times to win overall, and Rufus Knapp found some speed on his second run to take second. Canadian Dean Horsfall, down from Vancouver, was third on the strength of his first run time. Jennie Goldberg, our only K-1 W competitor, put together two solid runs, but wasn’t to show her speed until the classic race. After five successful and fast practice runs, Rich Roehner and Scott Chestnut had trouble in the entrance to the rapid, and their day ended after some significant boat damage.

Two hours later, the long classic began. Jennie Goldberg passed Rufus Knapp on her way to taking second place overall. Dean Horsfall was paddling well, but pinned on a strainer just as Tom Wier was catching him. The two spent nearly ten minutes getting Dean, his boat, and his paddle off of the branches and heading downriver (the times below reflect 9:20 subtracted from the finish time for Tom and Dean).

Races # 3 and 4 in the Northwest Downriver Cup will be next weekend (March 18th) on the Chilliwack River in British Columbia. Contact Tom Wier ( or Jennie Goldberg ( for more information.

Name Class Run 1 Run 2 Total Rank
Tom Wier C-1 82.04 84.50 166.54 1
Rufus Knapp K-1 95.22 91.78 187.00 2
Dean Horsfall K-1 (Can) 93.36 96.14 189.50 3
Jennie Goldberg K-1 W 96.57 98.01 194.58 4
Rich Roehner/Scott Chestnut C-2       DNF

Name Class Time Rank
Tom Wier C-1 34:52.41 1
Jennie Goldberg K-1 W 38:02.32 2
Rufus Knapp K-1 39:20.09 3
Dean Horsfall K-1 (Can) 41:27.38 4