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Winds of Change at the 2006 NRC Glacier Breaker

Young racers are making their mark

by Chris Hipgrave
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USA Wildwater

February 27, 2006 -- Bryson City, NC

In addition to the 25mph gusts that made racing so difficult this weekend, a different wind of change is clearly in effect in the South East. A motivated young group of racers that are either Juniors or new Senior graduates are making their mark on the race circuit with fast improvements that have them nipping on the heels of the southeastís core of wildwater racers. This emerging young group is led by Chan and Casey Jones. Chan who has just turned 17 has his sights firmly set on a good finish at the 2007 Junior World Championships, while Casey has made some dramatic performance improvements of his own over the past 6 months. In addition to this new school of racers, some of the more experienced racers have committed themselves to improvement and that was clearly evident this weekend as well. Specifically, Rob Murphy has really made some substantial improvements in speed and technique over the past year.

  Name Class Time %
1 Chris Hipgrave K1 19:32.0 100%
2 Rob Murphy K1 20:12.0 103%
3 Chan Jones K1-JR 20:22.0 104%
4 Terry Smith K1 21:19.0 109%
5 Bern Collins K1 22:11.0 114%
6 John Pinyerd C1 22:43.0 116%
7 Casey Jones K1-JR 22:43.0 116%
8 Blake Sparks K1 23:06.0 118%
9 Shaun Smith C1 23:40.0 121%
10 Emily Stein K1W 23:41.0 121%
11 Lincoln Williams K1 23:42.0 121%
12 Maria Noakes K1W 24:31.0 126%
13 Al Grubb K1 25:01.0 128%
14 Thomas Williams K1-JR 26:05.0 134%
15 Wil Beckman K1-JR 27:21.0 140%