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Calling All Masterís Racers
It's Time to Get Off the Couch

2006 Worlds to Host Masterís Race

by John Pinyerd
Chairman - USA Wildwater

February 15, 2006 -- Atlanta, GA

Did you know that the 2006 Wildwater World Championships that will be held in Karlovy Vary, Czech June 13-17 (as a replacement venue for Bala, Wales) is planning on having a masterís race like the Bala event? While the race schedule and the details are still being worked out, the Czech organizers have indicated that there will be masterís competition categories of 35-44, 45-55 and a 55+ category.

Since there is not a formal selection process for the masterís team, the Wildwater Committee has developed these requirements for anyone wishing to race in the Masterís Worlds event:

  • Masters Racers must be a current USACK Member (see for membership information).
  • Masters Racers (that are not on the regular team) will be requested to make a donation to help pay for their uniform.
  • Masters will need to have completed (with verifiable results) in a regional or national level whitewater race within the last year (i.e. no earlier than March 1, 2005) to help show that they are capable of racing at the Masters World Championships.

All masterís racers are strongly encouraged to participate in the 2006 Team Trials April 1-2 as a warm up. Details concerning 2006 Team Trials are posted on By competing at the USA Team Trials, there is potential for a master or senior athlete to also fill a position on the National Team, so they would get to race in the World Cups, World Championships and Masters Championships.

There are tons of reasons to race in as many races as you can in the US. We are working hard with our domestic organizers to recognize masters (and juniors) in local races.

Last year, USA Wildwater masters brought home a ďslueĒ of medals and there is no reason when we should not try for the whole boatload of medals in 2006. Our medalists in 2005 were:

John Pinyerd Silver C1 Masters Masters Pre-Worlds, Wales
Bern Collins Bronze K1 Masters (55+) Masters Pre-Worlds, Wales
Chris Hipgrave Bronze K1 Masters Masters Pre-Worlds, Wales
Maurizio Tognacci Bronze K1 Masters (45+) Masters Pre-Worlds, Wales

You could do this too!