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Election Results: USACK Wildwater Committee

by Chuck Brabec Webmaster

December 2, 2005 -- Canvas, WV

The results of the election for the position of Eastern Athlete Representative for the 2006-2007 term are in.

There apparently was some dissention among the voters about who can/cannot vote. Based on USACK by-laws you can only vote in one discipline, that is why we ask for primary discipline. This was not clearly stated in the call for votes. As a result, 2 votes were not counted for each candidate. (I plead ignorance of the by-laws, or maybe insanity.)

Shaun Smith garnered 17 votes to win the election. There were 7 votes for Geoff Calhoun.

The Wildwater Committee for 2006-2007 will be:

 Chair:  John Pinyerd
 Vice-Chair:  Doug Ritchie
 Treasurer:  Ben Sandiford
 Programs & Events:  Chris Hipgrave
 Rankings & Newsletter:  Rob Murphy
 Western Athlete Rep:  Tom Wier
 Eastern Athlete Rep:  Shaun Smith

Thanks to Rachel Gunn at USACK for the work that she did in collecting the nominations and ballots!