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Third Annual Chute the Hooch Training Camp

by John Pinyerd
Chairman - USA Wildwater

November 6, 2005 -- Atlanta, GA

The Third Annual Chute (the Atlanta Metro) Hooch Wildwater Training Camp is scheduled for January 21-22, 2006. The Training camp will be held in the Roswell/Atlanta GA area.

Last year's camp was a blast and was well attended by racers of varying skill levels. The mild Hotlanta winter weather and some great training areas for flatwater and easy whitewater make an excellent venue. Coaches will include many time USA Team members Chris Hipgrave and John Pinyerd.


  • Saturday Jan 21st: Atlanta Rowing Club Dock, Azalea Drive, Roswell GA (also suitable for flatwater racers)
    10:00 - Flatwater Session and Video
    Noon - Lunch and Video Review
    2:30 - Flatwater Session - Apply what you leaned

  • Sunday Jan 22nd: Powers Ferry Landing to Akers Mill Takeout, Atlanta GA
    10:00 - Driving the Boat & learn the hooch line
    2:00 - Time Trial (Chute the Hooch Race) - Powers Ferry Landing to Akers Mill.

Like all USA Wildwater training camps, there are no fees, only the requirement that participants are USACK members.

For more information, contact:

John Pinyerd
Chairman - USA Wildwater