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A New Forum for Discussion About the
U.S. Wildwater Scene

November 1, 2005

USA Wildwater now has a nationwide forum (a Yahoo Group) that promotes communication about wildwater racing - is the link.

The purpose of the forum is to promote discussion and interest in the Wildwater community. Members can post messages, ask questions, make suggestions etc. and have their post automatically emailed to all other participating members. No more posting a message and hoping someone reads it, now we’ll all know what’s going on.

As an example of how the forum can be used, suppose you wanted to find out about how and where to train Wildwater in the Pacific Northwest. Simply post a question and it will be emailed to all members nationwide. You’re likely to get a quick response to what you want to know. Or, how about this; You’d like to have someone bring you a boat back from Europe next spring. Hard to do if you don’t know who’s going eh? Post your desire on and you’ll get your message out fast.

Have questions about training, equipment, looking for other paddlers, need a ride to a race? is the place to start.