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USA Wildwater - 2005 Junior Team

Western Junior Team Trials Completes the Selection Process

Shaun Smith - Manager/Coach

June 17-18, 2005 -- Salida, CO

With the completion of the Western Junior Team Trails (which were held in conjunction with USA Nationals and the FIBArk Whitewater Festival), I am proud to announce this years USA Junior Wildwater Team. The USA Junior Wildwater Team will compete at the Jr. World Championships in Italy July 28-31*.

Congratulations to the 2005 Jr. Team qualifiers (* denotes plans to compete at the Jr. World Championships):


  • Eric Orenstein - Bethesda, MD *
  • Chandler Jones - Franklin, NC*
  • Blake Sparks – Boat, AL*
  • Alex Dodge – Lafayette, CO
  • Adam Contant – Rochester, NY
  • Nick Chanin – Boulder CO


  • Emily Stein - Lookout Mountain, TN *
  • Erin Wilder - Rockford AL *
  • Baily O’Sullivan – Roswell, GA *
  • Lisa Adams – Grand Junction, CO *
  • Tierney O’Sullivan – Roswell, GA
  • Denali Barron – Bolder, CO


  • Joel Abrahams - Auburn, AL

See the complete results of the Western Junior Team Trials and USA Nationals at

For more information, contact Shaun Smith, Junior Team Manager (, 423-322-7595).