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2005 USA Wildwater Nationals

John Pinyerd
USAWildwater Committee Chair

June 17-18, 2005 -- Salida, CO

The 2005 USA Wildwater Nationals (and the Western Junior Team Trails) were part of a long weekend of wildwater camaraderie and world-class competition in the setting of one of the premier whitewater festivals in the world (the 57th annual FIBArk Festival). The area known as “The Boating Capital of the World" and "The Heart of the Rockies offers unsurpassed beauty of the Rocky Mountains and the pristine Arkansas River. We are extremely grateful to Ed Loeffel and the Fibark organization for hosting our Nationals and making us part of the FIBArk festivities.

USA Wildwater Nationals consist of two events (Sprint races that were held on Friday, June 17th and the “Classic” distance race that was held on Saturday, June 18th). Both races included the class III+ Bear Creek section of the Arkansas.

I am very encouraged that half of our racers were juniors and that Wildwater continues to show new growth. Chris Wiegand continues to really help support Wildwater Junior Development in Colorado. It was also great to see some of my racing buddies from the 80’s and 90’s continuing in the sport (like Tim Sampsel, Tom Karnuta, Larry Smith, Charles Albright, Boo Turner, Doug Ritchie, and Gary Lacy).

With over 40 competitors, the podium spots were highly contested, especially in the, K-1, C-1, K-1W Jr., K-1 Jr. spots.

  • Would Geoff Calhoun be able to defend his National Title in K-1 against Chris Hipgrave, Gary Lacy, and a dozen other competitors?
  • Could Tom Wier who just placed 13th overall in C-1 at the 2005 World Cups be able to fend off veteran John Pinyerd and the former Junior National Champion Tom Gray?
  • Could Tom Wier also win in C-2 against the well synced slalom/wildwater team of Nic Borst/Chris Wiegand and veterans Charlie Albright/Ed Gordon?
  • How would Emily Stein, the junior golden girl of the East in K-1W stack up in a rematch of Eastern Team Trials vs the O’Sullivan sisters and the veteran Junior Lisa Adams and newcomer Denali Barron?

Please check the results at the following links! (note: they are PDF files)