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A Note of Gratitude from the FIBArk Organizers

from Ed Loeffel, Organizer for the 2005 FIBArk Downriver Race and USA Wildwater National Championships

June 17-18, 2005 -- Salida, CO

An enormous thank you is due from our community to the volunteers who assisted in staging the annual FIBArk Downriver Race and 2005 USA Wildwater National Championships hosted by FIBArk this year.

The following volunteers, including several former FIBArk commodores, donated many hours to these events: Merle Baranczyk, Lyn Berry, Joe Conrad, Burma DeFarges, Tom Ewing, Denny and Pam Hogan, Denny Lee, David Mills and Margie Williamson. Tim Sampsel organized the on-water safety assisted by Dick Eustis and Andy Waldbart. Thank You FIBArk Paddlers – you were great. A special Thank You to Kate and Will Bryan.

Several local businesses either donated or discounted supplies and services necessary to stage these races. These businesses include:

  • RMOC for shuttle vehicles – thank you Hank Bevington, Ray Kitson and Ashley Blazer
  • Buffalo Joe Whitewater Rafting for shuttle vehicles – thank you JahVea and Coby Vidackovich
  • Anderson Motors – trailer for results – thank you Craig Anderson
  • Salida True Value – thank you Jim Fontana
  • Subway - thank you Jen Pederson and Shane
  • Hylton Lumber – thank you Dave Schoech
  • Mountain Computer Wizards – thank you Joe and Margie
  • Wal-Mart – thank you Ron Ertl
  • Bongo Billy’s – thank you Craig and Cathy.
  • Riverside Trophies – thank you Darrell and Suzanne Miller

Thank you also to the FIBArk Board of directors for their support, including Ray Kitson, Todd O’Brien, and particularly Chad Hixon, race director, as well as FIBArk administrator Jamie Keating Klco.

Without the continued support of the many community volunteers and businesses, events like FIBArk could not continue.

Thank you also to John Pinyerd, chairman USA Wildwater, for his support and assistance in hosting the 2005 USA Wildwater National Championships.

Thank You All!!!