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Jr Worlds/Western Team Trials Selection Update

John Pinyerd
USAWildwater Committee Chair

May 16, 2005 -- Atlanta, GA

It has been confirmed! The Jr. World Championships (to be held July 28-31 on the Noche River in the Val De Sole region of the Italian Alps) will invite up to six competitors per class from each country. That means that we will take up to three Juniors per class from the Eastern Team Trials that were held on the Nantahala. The remaining three competitors (per class) will be selected from the Western Junior Team Trails that will be held in conjunction with US Nationals in Salida, CO June 17-18. The Western Trials will also select boats for any slots that remain open after the Eastern Trials.

Western Jr. Trials will decide the following open positions:

  • K1W - Top 3 boat (that have not already qualified)
  • K-1 - Top 3 boats (that have not already qualified
  • C-1 - Top 5 boats (that have not already qualified
  • C-2 - Top 6 boats (that have not already qualified

Please congratulate these athletes who earned a Jr. Team berth at Eastern Jr. Team Trials:

  • K-1W - Emily Stein - Lookout Mountain, TN
  • K-1W - Erin Wilder - Rockford AL
  • K-1W - Bailey O'Sullivan - Roswell, GA
  • K-1 - Eric Orenstein - Bethesda, MD
  • K-1 - Chandler Jones - Franklin, NC
  • K-1 - Blake Sparks - Chattanooga, TN
  • C-1 - Joel Abrahams - Auburn, AL

Please see for more information regarding US Nationals, Western Jr. Trials, or the Jr. Worlds. You may also contact the Jr. Team Manager, Shaun Smith ( for additional information.