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Call for VOTES: USACK Wildwater Sports Division Committee

by Chris Norbury
USAWildwater K-1,
U.S. Wildwater Committee Chairman

November 20, 2003 -- Palmyra, PA

The following represent legal and accepted nominations for positions on the USACK Wildwater Committee for the term January 2004 to December 2006. A number of other individuals were nominated, but either were not current USACK members, or declined the nomination.


Nominee Nominated by: Seconded by:

John Pinyerd
Michael Beck
Chris Hipgrave
Michael Beck
Ben Sandiford
Bob Bofinger
Vice Chair

Ben Sandiford John Pinyerd Chris Hipgrave

Chris Hipgrave John Pinyerd David Mason
Events & Programs

Chris Wiegand Nate Lord Chris Hipgrave
Newsletter & Rankings

Martin Bay John Pinyerd Chris Hipgrave
East Coast Athlete Rep

Tyler Dyer John Pinyerd Chris Hipgrave
West Coast Athlete Rep Tom Wier Nate Lord Chris Hipgrave
Ed Gordon Michael Harris Chris Davis

Firstly, only two positions are contested, so I would like to congratulate Ben Sandiford, Chris Hipgrave, Chris Wiegand, Martin Bay and Tyler Dyer on their election to the USACK Wildwater Committee, and also to thank them for their willingness to serve.

The contested positions are Chair, and West Coast Athlete Rep. To decide who will occupy these positions an election will be held as follows;

The election will be conducted via email to reduce the costs incurred. Please email your choice of candidates to, along with your USACK number. Emails sent to other addresses, or that do not contain your current USACK number, will be treated as spoiled votes and discarded. Emails must be received at this address by 6pm on Friday November 28th. Following this date the votes will be compiled, and USACK numbers submitted to the USACK office to check the membership status of each voter. All current USACK members are eligible to vote in these elections, whether you have indicated a preference for wildwater on your USACK membership or not.

Chris Norbury is Chairman of the U.S. Wildwater Committee and an active race and training camp organizer living in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Reach him at