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Little Falls Wildwater Race a Success on the Potomac

Chris Norbury, Bob Bofinger and Renata Altman Beat the Field

by Bob Bofinger
USA Wildwater C-1
2003 World Cup Team Manager

May 16, 2003 -- Little Falls, MD

The Little Falls Wildwater Race was held on Sunday, May 11 on the Potomac River near the DC line. Although, we only had ten racers, it was well represented by the Bethesda Center of Excellence (BCE).

The race was sponsored by the Linganore Racing Club and BCE. Because of high water 6.5 on the gauge, conditions did not warrant a Classic race through Little Falls. The organizers diverted the race from Brookmont Dam to the bottom of the Feeder Canal near Lock 5.

The race was divided into two sprint races running the length of the feeder. The Classic was about a 10 minute race with a mass start below the dam, to the bottom of the feeder, and then an upstream paddle back up the Feeder to the top of the course. This was an endurance race and great workout, with the Wildwater kayaks just breaking three minutes--a very long sprint. We took the best time for the combined results.

Chris Norbury drove all the way from Hershey, PA to win the K1 class with a time of 12:12.19. Tim Hall was close with second at 12:21.86 and Jonathan Altman, a veteran, was third at 13:50.63. Bob Bofinger had no competition in C1 WW but tried to beat the kayaks. He finished with a time of 12:24.08. Renata Altman beat everyone with a time of 11:44.09.

Our Slalom class was well represented with two cadets. Jared Permutter won the race with a time of 14:30.24 and Paul Golob just did the sprints with a time of 3:39.09. Jennifer and David Hearn supported the event in the slalom boats with young Jesse cheering them on. (They had to rotate duties watching Jesse.) Jennifer won the K-1 W class with a time of 14:37.95 and Ann Gavin was second with a time of 15:14.52. David finished 1st in his C-1 Class with a time of 14:11.76. Great time for a slalom boat--what a grunt workout.

Bob had T-shirts made up with a WW C-1 racer on the front that his daughter Rebekah made. Of course the logo was made off of Bob's picture on the Italian website, www.valsesia.netat the Worlds last year in Italy. Thanks to Steven Golob and Richard Perlmutter for timing and to all who supported the race. It was a good and different event and I can't wait to organize it next year.

Bob Bofinger
Little Falls Race Director

Bob Bofinger is the 2003 World Cup Team Leader and C-1 Wildwater athlete. Reach him at