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The Latest from Team Management

The skinny on the Kernville World Cup for Prospective USA Wildwater Team Members

by Bob Bofinger
USA Wildwater C-1
2003 World Cup Team Manager

April 4, 2003 -- New Market, MD

I have been selected by the Wildwater Committee to serve as your Team Leader for this year's event on the Kern River.

As you are aware, the Wildwater Team Trials on June 9, 10 and the Wildwater World Cups on June 14 through 22, 2003 is approaching and we need to make decisions on plane flights and boat transport, lodging, car rentals and racing. It would be great if the US Team can stay close together just like we did in Italy to better coordinate Team information, shuttles, etc.

I have searched out the following:

  1. Plane Flights: I called Arlene Stroud via phone at 1-800-841-0460 to get plane costs : United Airlines - Round Trip from BWI, Baltimore, MD to Los Angles(LAX Airport) - $ 266 Boats - $ 160 each way

  2. Car Rental - Thrifty - Ecomony size - $159.98 per week. Check out this website -

  3. Lodging - I have been in contact with Jennie Goldberg and Terry Valle to give you the best options.

    • Falling Waters River Resort - Kernville, CA (
      Nightly room rates - The British Team is staying here and there are plenty of suites, courtyard cottages available. There will give us a 10% discount.

    • Riverview Suites - King Deluxe $119 per 2 people Best rate.
      • Courtyard Cottages or Pool View Cottages - 4 Beds $89 per night figuring 4 people - $22.50/night/person or $ 155.75/week/person
      • includes Fireplaces, Kitchenettes & BBQ Only 2 lodge bedrooms available $ 49/night - 2 people or $171.50/week 2.

    • Wofford Hts. - a house that can sleep 9 to 10 people $1000 per week. Figuring 8 people that would be $125/week/person. I will send the owner an e-mail now to let him know we are interested. He has already advertised it in the paper but will hold it for a week if we can make a quick decision.

    • Eric and Rebecca Giddens have just bought a house and they are interested in renting out. It sleeps six. They are asking $150 per night or $25/night/person or $175 per week/person. They have another six that are interested but are giving us first chance. We need a decision in a week.

There are not enough homestays for all the racers. But there is camping along the river. My recommendations are to use a combination of all three.

I need to know by Tuesday, April 8 if you want to stay at any of the above places and what groups want to stay together. Jennie suggested to use the Wofford Heights as Headquarters.

Let me know your ideas. We need to make decisions now so we can get this off our minds and continue to train. I hope everyone has been training hard and I look forward to racing with you.

E-mail me at or Call me at 301-865-8183 or (w) 410-545-8309.

Bob Bofinger is the 2003 World Cup Team Leader and C-1 Wildwater athlete. Reach him at