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U.S. National Team Trials Details Announced

Programs and Events Subcommittee Chooses Dates, Locations for National Team Selections

by Jennie Goldberg
USA Wildwater K-1W, Member

November 15, 2002 -- Kernville, CA

The 2003 Senior U.S. Team Trials and the 2003 Junior West Coast Team Trials will be June 9-10 on the Kern River, California.

The Classic distance event will occur on Monday, June 9, most likely from Powerhouse Rapid to the Park in Kernville. The Sprint will be held on Tuesday, June 10, probably at an early morning start time. The Juniors from west of the Mississippi will be selected at the same location.

East Coast Junior Team Trials will be held March 29th & 30th 2003 on the Nantahala River in North Carolina. This trials will be in a two event format (Sprint and Classic), with the Sprint running thru Nantahala Falls or Pattons Run Rapids and the classic from The Ledges to the NOC. Details such as time, registration, exact start and finish, based on water conditions, will be sent out this winter.

According to Amendment I approved Feb. 1997 and updated April 2001, "The US Wildwater Team trials shall consist of two days of racing.....2. In odd numbered years when there is no World Championships scheduled, two races will be held on two consecutive days. The first day shall be a classic race. The second day will be a sprint race according to ICF sprint race guidelines. Selection to the team will be six boats per class for World Cup and Pre-Worlds events. The classic race and sprint race wil be on the same river. The Sprint course should preferably be a part of the classic course;...."

Reminder: 2003 Kern River Wildwater World Cups 1 - 6
Event Dates: June 14 - 22, 2003
Race Dates: June 15-16, June 18-19, June 21-22
Classic and Sprints will be held on alternating days.

Jennie Goldberg is a member of the Wildwater Committee of USACK and chairs the Programs and Events Subcommittee. She trains and lives in Seattle, Washington. Reach her at