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Important 2002 Nationals Safety Update

Racers should pay attention to "Lower Railroad" on the New River during practice runs: undercut rock an pinning risk at lower levels!

by Donnie Hudspeth
Committee Member,,
Organizer for the 2002 Nationals

July 27, 2002 -- Fayette County, WV

Racers stay heads up on the river! The water this week has been holding steady a little over a foot and a half, which is a great level for competition, but puts us close to a lower-water safety alert for the race.

At low water levels (2,400cfs and lower) there is a particulary nasty feature in the rapid called "Lower Railroad". This rapid is 1/4 mile below the Cunard put-in, and just downstream of the railroad trestle.

Most of the flow is left of center. In the waves is a nasty undercut called "Clam Shell". There have been kayakers pinned under the rock in the past. The alternate line is right of center, in a totally separate channel. It is a class II-III line and is actually faster! When in doubt - scout!

If you have any questions regarding the rapid, please see Donnie before you run the rapid. Or follow a U.S. Wildwater racer who knows the correct line.--MB