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Cast Your Vote!
Announcing the 2001-2003 USACK Wildwater Committee Nominees

Extended Deadline for Final Votes is November 10th

Email your votes for as many positions as you care to cast. You must be a current USACK member in good standing for your vote to count, so please include your member number to

The current Wildwater Committee is at the end of its term! If you have not done so already, please also read the article featuring outgoing Chair Scott Overdorf offering his views on last term's successes and what the new committee will face.

Here are the committee positions, a brief explanation of duties (from the Bylaws), and nominee profiles.


The duties of the Chair shall be to prepare agendafor and to call and preside over meetings of the WWC; to appointsubcommittees and represent and act in behalf of the committee between meetings of the WWC; to assure the WWC selects an election officerfor committee elections administration in odd numbered years. The Chair bears overall responsibility to set an annual agenda and to achieve the committee goals of advancing ongoing instructional, competitive, and promotional programs; to act upon budget matters pertaining to WWC allocations in absence of the Treasurer. The Chair is a voting member of the WWC.

The nominee:
David Jones
An active Wildwater competitor in the eighties, David was instrumental in bringing slalom to Atlanta's 1996 Olympic Games--and had attempted to bring Wildwater into the Olympic lineup. He has served as U.S.Team coach and has national and international titles to his credit.He has been an administrator with summer camps where he broughtwhitewater into the activity mix and recently chaired the boardof directors for a new school.

Vice Chair

The duties of the Vice Chair shall be to preside over meetings of the WWC in absence of the Chair; to coordinate and report the activities of subcommittees as directed by the Chair. The Vice Chair is a voting member of the WWC.

The nominees:
Chris Norbury
Chris Norbury has been particularly active this past year, having organized training camps co-organized the 2001 U.S. Team Trials at Tohickon Creek, PA with Ted Newton. He has also tirelessly compiled rankings for the past two years and competed actively in the U.S. and Europe since the eighties, as well as coached junior and senior athletes in several paddlesport disciplines.

David Mason
David Mason is in the midst of his second four-year term an ICF Wildwater Committee, having served as chief judge for the past several World Championships. He was a 21-year chair of the American Canoe Association's Dixie Division and was the 1989 chairman of the American Canoe Association, the governing body during the joint Slalom and Wildwater Worlds on the Savage River in Maryland. He has been an active host for officials visiting from other nations. With Scott Overdorf in C-2, Mason and his partner were the lead U.S. team in 1989 and 1984, the same year they were national champions.


The duties of the Treasurer shall be to collect cost information on WWC committee proposed expenditures on equipment and/ or program activities for discussion among the WWC committee; to prepare a proposed budget for the WWC each year to be submitted to the USACK Board of Directors for review and approval; to communicate with the USACK National Office for discussion and approval of all disbursements from the WWC committee approved allocation; to work with any subcommittee with assigned purposes of improving revenue or altering budgeting practicies within the WWC; to communicate any revenue improvement activities to the USACK National Office. The Treasurer is a voting member of the WWC.

The nominee:
Chris Hipgrave
An active member of the NOC-area racing community, Chris is an exceptional representative for Wildwater. He is responsible for attracting and retaining juniors in the National circuit and has organized team trials, nationals and club-level races in the Southeast. He is also the Southeast representative for Dagger, the world's largest cano and kayak manufacturer. His career has enabled him to develop relationships with manufacturers and retail outlets that may have a very large impact on marketing and financial assistance for Wildwater in the coming term.

Newsletter/Rankings Editor

The duties of the editor shall be to collect and publish information regarding programs, training, competitons, and meetings organized by the WWC and those like activities of interest to the WWC membership; collect racing results information and publication of wildwater competitor rankings twice annually.

The nominee:
Michael Beavers
Michael Beavers is currently the editor of the recently revamped Since August, he has driven subscriptions to the official U.S. Team site to several hundred interested paddlers, including parties from as far away as France, Germany and Australia. He is regarded by USACK as the official news "point person" for the sport of Wildwater and has developed international content trade agreements. He is a marketing and communications consultant with media placements with such outlets as CNN, The New York Times, and various other daily city newspapers.

Events and Program Coordinator

The duties of the coordinator shall be to solicit information from all sources and provide facts and opinions to the committee regarding site selections for WildWater competitions for US Wildwater Team Trials and Wildwater National Championships; to provide information and coordinating activity pursuant to wildwater training, development, instructional, coaching, and racing activities. The Program Coordinator is a voting member of the WWC.

The nominee:
Seth Eisner
Seth Eisner has been an active participant, coach and trainer for the sport of Wildwater in the U.S. Recently, he held a well attended training camp on the Yough, attracting senior and junior athletes from across the nation. He has also extended an offer to help build training plans with athletes that achieve results.

Western and Eastern Athlete Representatives

The athlete representative shall have participated in Wildwater National Championships within the past two years, or have been a member of the US Wildwater Team within the past four years. g.2. One athlete representative shall be elected from the eastern portion of the United States , a) inclusive of all states east of the Mississippi River, and Minnesota, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Louisiana, and Texas, and b) one representative from west of th Mississippi River, excluding the specific states mentioned in part a) of this sentence. g.3. The duties of the athlete representative shall be to communicate agenda items from the committee to the WWC affiliates in their respective regions of the USA, and to gather collective information regarding input to committee affairs and programs from the WWC affiliates upon WWC affairs.

The nominees:
Western Rep:
Tom Weir
Tom Weir is the nation's top canoeist and a student in Washington state. A lifelong western U.S. paddler who has raced in Europe for several seasons, he has developed extensive relationships with paddling communities in the Pacific Northwest and Colorado, his home state. He is a great communicator who will actively solicit the opinions of the Western paddling constituency as he weighs in on committee decisions regarding training camps, races, and international team qualifications.

Eastern Rep:
Ted Newton
Ted Newton has been kayaking since 1979 and Wildwater racing since 1986. He has attended 3 of the past 4 Nationals and co-organized the 2001 US Wildwater Team Trials. His professional background includes founding and managing Lehigh Rafting Rentals (in operation since 1989), directing the Ski Patrol at Jack Frost Ski Area from 1999 to present. Newton says, "As Eastern Athlete Rep I believe I would do an exceptional job because I have excellent managerial skills, am a very responsible person and, most importantly, would truly represent Eastern Wildwater athletes by listening to and taking into consideration every Eastern athlete's opinion when making decisions on their behalf."

Middy Tilghman
Long-time training partner and friend Andrew McEwan nominates Middy Tilghman because he will "well serve both his country and his god" as the Eastern Athlete Representative. An excellent communicator, Tilghman has travelled to Europe as both a junior and senior U.S. Team member and will bring international racing circuit experience to bear on national committee decisions.

Team Manager (To be elected by voting committee Members)

The team manager shall be selected and appointed by the WWC elected Committee Members, at any time as needed to fill the role of manager and team leader for the US Wildwater Team. h.1 The duties of the team manager shall be to coordinate travel and lodging affairs for the US team during the periods of participation in International Competition; to inform current team members of any information specific to thier participation as a team member in competition, development, and promotional activities.

The nominees:
None named as of yet.