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Junior Wildwater Pre-World Championships Get the Green Light

Foot & Mouth Notwithstanding, American Juniors Ready Themselves for International Competition

Chris Hipgrave
USAWildwater K-1

May 21, 2001 -- Bala, Wales

For months now, there has been speculation that the Wildwater Junior Pre-World Championships near the Welsh town of Bala was to be cancelled due to foot & mouth disease sweeping the United Kingdom.

The epidemic has resulted in thousands of cattle being slaughtered, farmer suicides, and the government effectively discouraging all tourism. Every sporting event was in peril of being cancelled, including the Wildwater Junior Pre-World Championships.

Following discussions between the British Canoe Union, Welsh Canoeing Association, landowners, farmers and local townspeople; all are now are behind the event moving ahead and the organizers are now in the process of pulling together a full program of racing on the River Tryweryn. This follows a British Government announcement that the Foot & Mouth problem was finally under control.

The event is expected to be a low-key affair, as far as the protocol and hospitality is concerned, and all efforts at this late stage are going into making this the best learning experience possible for the Junior Teams preparing for the 2002 Junior World Championships to be held at the same location.

The 2001 Junior Wildwater Team:

Joe Barkley (NC), Bronze Medalist, 2000 Junior Worlds
Tyler Dyer (AL)>
Patrick Mason (CO)
Clay Wilder (AL)

Shannon Reeves (VA), 2000 Team member
Beth Karp (MD) - 2000 Team
Lindsay Burr (CO)
Zuzana Vanha, 2000 Team member, declined 2001
Eleanor Perry, 2000 Team member, declined 2001
Kathryn Dyer, declined 2001

Chris Davis (NC)
David Moore (CO), Bronze Medalist, 2000 Junior Worlds

We wish these outstanding athletes the best of luck.