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Hall of Fame


The USA Wildwater Committee wishes to recognizes those athletes and volunteers who made a significant contribution to the sport of Wildwater Racing.




Andy Bridge C-1 USA Wildwater Team Member 1980, 1981, 1987-1993

World Cup Champion 1992
World Cup silver medalist 1990
World Cup bronze medalist 1991
Tour de Corse Champion 1991
Ten time U.S. National Champion 1986-1994 and 1996
5th place 1991 World Championships
U.S. Team member 1980, 1981, 1987-1993

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Charles (Chuck) Lyda C-1 and C-2 USA Wildwater Team Member 1971-1995, 2003

U.S. National Champion (Wildwater)
1979, 1981 and 1995 - C-1
1976 - C-2 (with Andy Toro)
1991 - C-2 (with Dan Schnurrenberger)
1995 - C-2 (with John Pinyerd)

World Champion (Slalom)
1975 and 1977 - C-2 Mixed (with Marietta Gillman)

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Memorial Photos - Memorial to Nathan Krissoff, Chuck Lyda and other River Runners

Funeral Service - with Full Military Honors at Arlington National Cemetery


Chuck Brabec- Webmaster and Committee Member

Webmaster 2004-2015
Communications Chair 2008-2015

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To see the list of all U.S. National Wildwater Champions, click here.
(Thanks to Maximum Whitewater Performance for maintaining and providing the list)