August 22, 2015

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2015 USA Wildwater National Championships and Team Trials for U23 and Junior Athletes

Congratulations are in order to everyone who are participated in the National Championships and our Team Trails for the Junior and Under 23 World Championships on Nantahala on August 1-2. The National Champions (combined for both days) are:

Peter CogganC-1 MenJunior
Peter KazbanC-1 MenOpen
Selena PoppC-1 WomenJunior
Colton Popp, Bryson PoppC-2 MenOpen
Oliver Holden, Carter DavisC-2 MenJunior  
Hannah Rubin, Harriet Rollins  C-2 Women  U23
Jacob SiegelK-1 MenJunior
James LewisK-1 MenOpen
Joslin CogganK-1 WomenJunior
Marin MillarK-1 WomenOpen

Also, a special thank you to John Pinyerd and all of those folks that helped him put on the race!

Click here to see the complete results.

2015 ICF Junior & U23 Wildwater Canoeing World Championships

Thanks to Chris Hipgrave, the Nantahala Outdoor Center and everyone who made the 2015 ICF Junior & U23 Wildwater Canoeing World Championships an awesome event. This was the first time ever for a Wildwater World Championships for U23 athletes (those who are under 23 years old but too old to be competing as Juniors).

Repersenting the USA in the Junior Worlds were:

Peter CogganC-1 Men
Kellen DoyleC-1 Men
Hannah RubinC-1 Women
Selena PoppC-1 Women
Oliver Holden, Carter DavisC-2 Men
Hnery HydeK-1 Men
Jack AndrakaK-1 Men
Jacob SiegelK-1 Men
Karl AllenK-1 Men
Patrick KhaghaniK-1 Men
Tyler SmithK-1 Men
Joslin CogganK-1 Women

Repersenting the USA in the U23 Worlds were:

William CogganC-1 Men
Bryson PoppC-1 Men
Ellen OsmentC-1 Women  
Colton Popp, Bryson Popp  C-2 Men
Ryan HuttonK-1 Men
Alessia FaverioK-1 Women
Ellen OsmentK-1 Women
Haley PoppK-1 Women
Harriet RollinsK-1 Women

Click here to see the highlights and complete results for the 2015 ICF Junior & U23 Wildwater Canoeing World Championships. Also visit the Facebook page for the event.

East Coast Senior Team Trials

Save the date: East Coast Senior Team Trials will be December 5th and 6th on the Mighty Susquehanna River at Falmouth/York Haven.

The course mirrors the river for the World Championships in Banja Luka (Bosnia), with flat sections and then some huge waves. This is just a quick announcement of the race with more details to follow. Check out for some video that makes it look much smaller than it actually is.

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