October 20, 2012

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Dear Wildwater Racers and Friends:

Anyone who wishes to help us support the USA Wildwater program and athletes (and/or coaching, training camps, and development) can make (tax deductible) donations to USA Wildwater via our new online process. Just go to our home page ( and click on the link in the upper right corner.

The U.S. Wildwater Committee is soliciting bids for the 2013 Eastern and Western U.S. Wildwater Team Trials, U.S. Wildwater National Championships and the 2013/2014 U.S. Senior Wildwater Team Trials. See the second article for more information about the bid process. Race organizers may e-mail bids to Vice Chair (underscore between first and last name) by January 1, 2013.

The current 2012 USA Wildwater Rankings can be found at You can see which races are included in the rankings by looking for an asterisk (*) in the second column in the 2012 USA Wildwater Calendar. There are a few races with nothing in that column. This indicates that I have not been able to find the results for thos races. Let me know if you have the results and I will incorporate the results in the rankings.

Chuck Brabec
Editor & Webmaster,

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News from the Wildwater Committee
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Current USA Wildwater Rankings for 2012

Current USA Wildwater Calendar for 2012
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