August 10, 2011

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Dear Wildwater Racers and Friends:

The Southeastern U. S. Wildwater Championships is this Saturday (August 13th). The race is part of the Canoe Club Challenge, sponsored jointly by the Georgia Canoe Association (GCA) and the Nantahala Outdoor Center (NOC). See the fisrt article for more details.

Before you know it, it will be October and the Senior Wildwater Team Trials. Jack Ditty tells me that it is time to pre-register for ths event. Check out the link below to go to the website for the Team Trials. The US Army Corp of Engineers has agreed to give us an extra dam release for training on Friday, October 14th. So plan on a 3-day weekend. This should make it easier for those from far away to show up a day early and learn the course. Dam releases will also occur the 2 weekends prior to the race.

We also bring you news about the 2011 Junior Wildwater World Championships in 3 articles, listed in chronoligical order. Thanks to our Junior Team members and all who helped the team. And a special thanks to Haley Popp for the article and photos that she sent to me for posting on

I also included links to information about two other events that took place since the last eZine - the North American Junior Olympics and the ACA 2011 Whitewater Open Canoe Downriver National Championships. (Don't think that, because of the name, the last event only included open canoes.)

The last link is included so you can read the minutes of the USA Wildwater Committee meeting that was held on July 24th.

Looking for a Wavehopper? See the post on the Monocacy Canoe Club message board at for details about buying one.

Chuck Brabec
Editor & Webmaster,

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Southeastern U. S. Wildwater Championships and Canoe Club Challenge
It's this Saturday (August 13)

2012 US Wildwater Team Trials (October 15-16)
Registration is now open!!

The 2011 Junior Wildwater World Championships
(Including a link to the results)

News from the 2011 Junior Wildwater World Championships
A report by Haley Popp

2011 Junior Wildwater World Championships
Photos of Team USA (on Facebook)

Lyons /St Vrain Wildwater Course Hosts a North American Junior Olympic Wildwater Race

ACA 2011 Whitewater Open Canoe Downriver National Championships

Wildwater Committee Minutes - July 24th