November 20, 2010

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Dear Wildwater Racers and Friends:

This issue of the USA Wildwater e-Zine brings news about two of the major US Wildwater events scheduled for 2011 - the US Wildwater National Championships and the US Wildwater Senior Team Trials. (I have also included a link to an article in which we announced the selection of these events as well as the US Wildwater Eastern and Western Junior Team Trials.)

The 2011 US Wildwater National Championships are being hosted by FIBArk. FIBArk has a longstanding history of running outstanding whitewater events and we are excited to be part of the 2011 FIBArk festivities. Our 2009 Nationals Mega Event held in conjunction with FIBArk was "World Class". We have every reason to believe that our 2011 National Championships will be even better! The priority for this year's scheduling was exposure for the Wildwater events. Our event times will give maximum opportunity for spectators particularly for the Sprint Races and Head to Head Sprint -- Both are scheduled to coincide with times and off river events that have traditionally brought large crowds to the Whitewater Park. The Sprint Thursday will precede the Tenderfoot Hill Climb and the Head to Head Sprint is scheduled just prior to the Hooligan. The times for these events are firm; the Classic start time may be adjusted to work with other river events.

The US Senior Team Trials are also shaping up to be an extraordinary event. This event will be held on the Russell Fork River near Elkhorn City, KY. The race organizer, Jack Ditty, is working with the US Army Corps of Engineers to try to arrange for a special release in August (26-28). If that can't be arranged, the event will be held during the normal scheduled release on the third weekend of October (15-16). This event will determine the members of the 2012 US Senior Wildwater Team. (Note: The Senior Team Trials that were held on July 31 and August 1 on the Skagit River in Newhalem, Washington determined the members of the 2011 US Senior Wildwater Team.) Chris Hipgrave has an excelltent article with links to videos and more details about the course.

Last year we decided that having the Senior Team Trials in the spring did not allow enough time to have the team selected and for the team to gel before heading to the World Championships and World Cup events. So, we moved the Senior Team Trials 6-9 months earlier. The Senior Team Trials that were held on July 31 and August 1 of 2010 determined the members of the 2011 US Senior Wildwater Team.

In conjunction with this change, we created the USA Wildwater Team Training and Development Program. Chris Norbury, our Events & Programs Chairman, has been working hard on this program. Please see his article in this e-zine for more about the program, then check out the last article in which Jennie Goldberg shares her perspective of the Development Team Training Camp that was held on November 4-7 in Pennyslvannia. (I am impressed with Jennie's commitment to our sport - she traveled from the West Coast to attend this activity.)

As we approach the holiday season, please take time to be with your loved ones and thank them for their support in all of your endeavors.

Chuck Brabec
Editor & Webmaster,

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