September 13, 2009

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Dear Wildwater Racers and Friends:

I apologize for not getting this E-zine out a week earlier, but the delay did allow me to include an article that I received this morning (the second one about the Southeasterns).

All Senior Team National Team Qualifiers from 2008 and 2009 should read the news about the 2009 Corporate Fund Guidelines. That article identifies what specific athletes who have work to do to meet the guidelines. The deadline for the information has been extended to September 30.

We also have articles about the 17th annual Upper Gauley Animal Race (Monday, September 21), the Pacific Northwest Training Camp (September 25-27 in Bellingham, Washington) and the 41st Annual Southeastern Wildwater Championships (Sunday, September 27 on the Nantahala).

Then there is an excellent article by Peter Lutter, one of the outstanding 2009 USA Wildwater Junior Team Members. Peter tells us about competing in the Junior World Wildwater Championships this summer and how his dad helped him put his results in perspective. He discusses the payoff from his training and dedication. It's really interesting to read about the help he received from other wildwater racers and coaches in getting his boat from one venue to another. It showed me just how close knit the wildwater community is.

Last, but not least, is news about the 2009 World Cup races which will be held from October 24 to November 7 in Tasmania. As was mentioned in the last e-Zine, Tom Wier (C1), Chris Norbury (K-1M) and Jennie Goldberg (K-1W) will be representing the USA in Tasmania.

Good luck to all of our wildwater athletes - wherever they are competing this Fall.

Chuck Brabec
Editor & Webmaster,

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September 21, 2009

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Sunday, September 27 on the Nantahala

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