December 29, 2007

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Dear Wildwater Racers and Friends:

I hope that you have all been taking time to be with your families during this holiday season and that you have a great 2008!

The members of the 2006/2007 USACK Wildwater Committee will be turning over the reins to the 2008/2009 team of comittee members in just 3 more days. You can see who will be on the Wildwater Commmittee at I will be updating the website with the list of committee members while watching one of the bowl games on New Year's Day.

"Thanks for 4 Great Years", the first article in this issue, gives a well deserved thanks to the Wildwater sponsors, organizers, committee, coaches and other key individuals who have given so much to our sport. I am confident that the new Wildwater Committee will work hard to continue to promote and support wildwater racing in the USA.

The next article provides some information about the first wildwater training camp scheduled for 2008, the "Chute the Hooch", being sponsored by the Nantahala Racing Club. This is followed by the preliminary announcement of the 2008 US Wildwater Senior and Eastern Junior Team Trials, being hosted by Wilderness Voyageurs on the Cheat River in northern West Virginia. (The Western Junior Team Trials are being hosted by FIBArk in mid-June.)

Finally, we have a link to the YouTube Downriver Racing Community. This site has a great collection of videos of wildwater racers in action.

Happy reading and viewing, and please continue to support Wildwater racing.

Chuck Brabec
Editor & Webmaster,

In this issue:

Thanks for 4 Great Years
Outgoing Two-Term Chairman John Pinyerd Thanks You for Your Support
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Chute the Hooch Training Camp
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The Wilderness Voyageurs 2008 US Wildwater Team Trials
Preliminary Announcement - USA Senior and Eastern Junior Team Trials
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YouTube Downriver Racing Community
The link to this site is also available in the "photos" section of
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