December 14, 2007

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Dear Wildwater Racers and Friends:

The USACK Wildwater Committee held a meeting on December 10th. The main purpose of the meeting was to review of the bids for the USA Senior Team Trials, Eastern Junior Team Trials, Western Junior Team Trials, and National Championships for 2008/2009 and to select the venues for these events. You will find the minutes of the meeting in the first article in this E-zine, followed by the official announcement of the venues that were selected.

All of these events, and many more, are included in the Wildwater calendars for 2008 and 2009. You can find them by going to and moving your mouse pointer over "Calendar" in the menu bar. You will then see a drop down list with the links to the calendars for 2008 and 2009. Please contact me at if you know of any races that should be added to the calendars.

We also have news about the 2009 World Cup races which will be in Tasmania. That should be some adventure for those who participate.

Lest we forget, we have the results of the NRC Jiffy Wildwater Race that was held on December 1st. This is followed by an interesting "trip report" about paddling in the Pamirs mountains (Tajikistan) and news about Jon Schofield, World Cup winner in 2006, and his bid to win Olympic gold in Beijing.

Happy reading and I hope that you all have a good holiday season.

Please continue to support Wildwater racing.

Chuck Brabec
Editor & Webmaster,

In this issue:

Wildwater Committee of the USA Canoe/Kayak Team Meeting Minutes
full story...

2008 National Wildwater Event Venues
The USA Wildwater Committee Announces the National Race Venues for 2008-2009
full story...

2009 World Cups in Tasmania
The Proposal (Bid)
full story...

NRC Jiffy Wildwater Race Results
full story...

Paddling into the Pamirs
Adventures in Tajikistan
full story...

Kayak to Beijing?
Jon Schofield, World Cup winner in 2006, bids to achieve his ambition of winning Olympic gold
full story...