December 1, 2007

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The end of 2008 is fast approaching! By the time you read this E-zine, the NRC Jiffy Wildwater Race will be history (the race is tomorrow). I didn't want to hold up this issue while waiting for the results, so I am going with what I currently have. The race results will be posted on as soon as I receive them.

2007 was a banner year for USA Wildwater and we look forward to an even better year in 2008. Check out the first article for more about our highlights and challenges.

We had one nominee for each position on the USACK Wildwater Committee for 2008/2009. Therefore, it was unnecessary to call for votes from the membership. Congratulations to the new Wildwater Committee members and thanks to the nominees for volunteering to serve.

Finally, we have an interesting article about training and conditioning. In the article, Gary Moller states "I learned early on from being repeatedly cleaned out in the paddling legs by Bernard Fletcher that kayaking had little to do with strength and more to do with technique, heart and the ability to work with the river and not against it." Check it out!!

In other news, the Wildwater Committee is working hard to determine where and when the US Wildwater Team Trials (Senior and Eastern and Western Junior) and the US Wildwater Nationals will be held next year. As soon as we have the dates and locations settled, the information will be put on

Please continue to support Wildwater racing.

Chuck Brabec
Editor & Webmaster,

In this issue:

Wildwater 2007 Highlights and Challenges
A Report to the USACK Board and the Paddling Community
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The 2008/2009 USACK Wildwater Committee
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Core Conditioning for Kayaking - Do you really need it?
An interesting article in Gary Moller Online
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NRC Jiffy Wildwater Race Update
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