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U.S. National Wildwater Team

Michael Harris

Birthplace: Washington, D.C.
Current Residence: Luray, Virginia
Occupation: CEO of a Medical Research Company for Immune disorders.

Wildwater Information:
The class(es) you race: C-1, C-2
National Results (team trials and nationals):

  • National Teams '84, '99,'00,'01,'02,'03,'07,'08,'10,'11
  • National C2 champion with John Pinyerd 2008
  • Nationals-- C2 Bronze '84, C1 Silver 2000, C2 Bronze '03
  • Qualified C1 and C-2 National Team 2011
International Results:
  • C1 Bronze Masters World Championships Ivrea '08
  • Bala'01 Gold C2 w/ Cory Nelson, C1 Silver Classic and Sprint
  • Val Brenta '01 C1 Gold
  • World Champion C1 M Sort 2010
  • 5th C-1 Team Sprint World Championships 2010 (with Tyler Hinton and Tom Wier) Sort, Spain
  • Bronze C-2 IND and OVER-ALL Champion with John Pinyerd
Years on the U.S. Wildwater National Team: 10

Other Paddling/Sports/Hobbies: Steeplechase Horse Racing, Ski Racing, Hunting, Fishing, Scuba Diving,


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