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Jeremy DiCasolo

Age: 35
Birthplace: Batavia, NY
Current Residence: Pittsburgh, PA
Occupation: IT
Family: 1
Personal Website/Blog: none

Wildwater Information:
How I started paddling whitewater:
I used to be a full time guide on the Yough and saw a crazy looking boat going up the river instead of down. I thought it might be interesting to change perspective so I got one.
The class(es) you race: K-1
Years on the U.S. Wildwater National Team: 2 (2007 & 2012)

Other Paddling/Sports/Hobbies: Pretty much anything outside

Personal Information:

  • Kids: 1 (Reece David DiCasolo
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 205+-
  • Music: I like it all
  • Food Favorites: Chicken wings
  • What you do to get ready for a race: Listen to music, envision the race a few times. When race time comes it's like I've done it a few times. It helps keep me relaxed.
  • What you do after a race: Critique, drink lots of water and eat something unhealthy


  • Boat: Savage River Millenium, Speed Art wish
  • Paddle: Zastera Rasmussen; Jantex Gamma
  • Helmet: Wildwater
  • Spraydeck: Immersion Research, Sandiline
  • Life Jacket: Sandiline
  • Paddling Clothes: Immersion Research
  • Shoes: none
  • Car: Toyota Prius
  • Favorite energy/food: Anything with peanut butter
  • Other Outdoor Gear: Couple of bikes, a few kayaks, some camp stuff. Try to keep the necessities.

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