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Sandrine Deglin

Birthdate: 04/06/1977
Hometown: Chénières (France)
Current Residence: Silver Spring, MD
Occupation: Scientific Program Manager
Current school/Alma matter: Colorado School of Mines (also ENSCR National Chemistry School of Rennes (France), and EHESP School of Public Health in Rennes, France)
Family: the best one could ask for
Personal Website/Blog:


Wildwater Information:
How I started paddling wildwater:

Although I started participating in local races in 2009, and occasionally paddled Wavehoppers, I only started padding wildwater boats in late 2018, after learning that both the World Cup and World Championship were going to take place in the US, in 2020. I bought an old but good boat from former US Team member Chara Whittemore (Thank you Chara!), and immediately loved the challenge of learning how to handle this new beast of a boat. I have been working at it, and loving it since!

The class(es) you race: K1W


Local and Regional results of note:

National Results (Team Trials & Nationals):

2022 Team Trials 1st Sprint and Classic

2021 Sprint and Classic National Champion

2020 (in 2019) National Team Trials – 1st Classic; 2nd Sprint;  2nd overall

2021 National Team

International Results:

2021 World Cups 4-6: 21, 22, 19

2021 World Championship: 21st


Years on the U.S. Wildwater National Team: 3 (2020 - Present)


Other Paddling/Sports/Hobbies: Telemark skiing, skate skiing, cycling, backpacking, martial arts, leathercraft (although these have fallen by the wayside since I have started training wildwater)

Personal Information:


North Branch Potomac 2020
North Branch Potomac 2020
2020 Team Trials
Potomac River