2021 Wildwater Nationals Recap and Results

Recap by Olivia Spencer

The 2021 Wildwater Nationals Championships were, once again, hosted in Salida, CO with the assistance of Team Colorado Whitewater Racing, FIBArk, and volunteer safety boaters. Thanks to the team effort, Nationals took place! We had boats racing in K1M, C1M, K1W, and C1W. In addition, there were racers from across the country and in every age class — cadet, junior, u23, and senior — with our youngest athlete being 14 years old. After two days of racing, the three fastest boats were Garet Strouse (K1M), Kartik Raghavan (K1M), and Sandrine Deglin (K1W). Thank you to everyone who came to Salida to compete especially those that travelled from out of state —Albert Romvari, Todd McGinnis, Garet and Sandrine. A special thanks goes to Garet and Sandrine —who ran a pre-nationals training camp— Matt Fritz, Patti Miller, Liam Malakoff, and Teagan Johnson — who contributed their time and talents as safety— and Alli Gober who was the local contact and organizer. This race could not have happened without you! Nationals Results are linked below.

2021 Nationals Combined Results

2021 Nationals Sprint Results

2021 Nationals Classic Results

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Nationals Pictures

Photos taken by Irene Owsley Irene Owsley Photography