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USA Wildwater Committee Minutes
March 8, 2009 (via Skype)

by John Pinyerd
USA Wildwater
Committee Chairman

Attendees: John Pinyerd, Chris Hipgrave, David Jones, Chuck Brabec, Tom Wier, Seth Eisner, Tom O’Sullivan, Jeremy Rodgers.

Old News: The minutes of our meeting from 1/17 and the 2009 Budget were introduced:

Treasurer's Report: David will send an update to the WWC when he receives it.

Sponsorship/Revenue Development:

  • John - individual sponsor drive (one donor so far) – John will follow up with past donors
  • Jeremy – gave a soup to nuts update on new Sponsors for 09 - how it works, who is included, etc.
  • All – there were no other ideas


  • Chris – Gave an update on US Open/East Trials
  • Western Trials – we need an update from Denny by email
  • Jeremy – CO Training Camp is on tap
  • Training camp ideas (we need more and they should be on an annual basis)
    • East Coast – John will reach out to Crissy and Geoff C for thoughts
    • Nationals – If Jeremy and Denny will coordinate John will help coach and get others.
    • SouthEasterns – Chris and John will coordinate.
  • Fibark/Natls Festival Update - Jeremy
    • USA Nationals Schedule – Fibark will finalize
    • Demo will be Sat PM – Jeremy is coordinating. John needs to get it added to Fibark website.
    • Saturday Sprint - Jerermy will take care of prizes. Denny needs to finalize format. John needs to get it added to Fibark schedule and website.
    • Wildwater tent – The board approved Jermey to spend $100-$125 for a valance.
    • Team timeline – Jeremy will put together
    • Lodging thoughts – Holiday Inn room block $123/night till May 1.

US Team Needs:

  • Review Team size projections – Estimates are 3-4 for TAZ - 6-7+ for Jr Worlds (plus coach and manager).
  • Jr Team Manager/Coach – Tom will reach out to Tognacci and John to Osment
  • Uniforms – Hipgrave will reach out to USACK and we wills start from there.

Other new Business:

  • New Board Members – the WWC concluded that John should reach out to several folks concerning board positions or affiliations to their input.

Next Meeting: April 19th at 8pm EST (via Skype)