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USA Wildwater Committee Minutes
January 17, 2009 (via Skype)

by Chris Hipgrave
USA Wildwater
Committee Vice Chair

Attendance: Seth Eisner, John Pinyerd, Tom O'Sullivan, Denny Adams, David Jones and Chris Hipgrave

The meeting was called to order at 19:32

  1. Seth moved that John Pinyerd move into the Chair position as planned. It was 2nd by Tom and carried unanimously.

  2. There was no old business to discuss.

  3. A financial update was presented by David Jones. A year end financial statement has been requested from USACK. Current balance is $6779 which includes the $2000 2009 USACK non-Olympic allocation.

  4. 2009 Budget. Some minor modification of the proposed 2009 budget was discussed resulting in adjustments to the Senior Team funding and Performance Funding line items, and with adjustments to the Junior Team Funding. The new affect was to raise the 2009 budget total to $12,750. Some wording was also added to the Coaching line and in the header to clarify the status and nature of the budget. The 2009 Budget was then unanimously passed by the committee. Click here to view the FINAL 2009 Wildwater budget.

  5. Jeremy Rogers was nominated by John Pinyerd as an At-Large member and the committee voted unanimously in favor.

  6. John Pinyerd presented his vision for the coming year. Highlights included:
    • Working as a united team towards a common goal
    • Aligning the committee
    • Training camps
    • Strategic development of wildwater
    • Looking for big things from small clubs
    • Reasserting the mentoring program
    • Staying abreast of the ICF mono-class proposal
    • Achieving excellence in execution of training camps, events and performance.

  7. John Pinyerd, Chris Hipgrave and Denny Adams updated us on the major 2009 events.
    • Fibark continues to come together well and will clearly be the show case event of the year.
    • Western &Eastern trials are also coming together well.

  8. Chuck Brabec sent an email updating the committee on the continued improvements he's making on and the board recognizes and thanks him for the time and effort he continues to direct at the site.

  9. The committee unanimously approved the 2009 events to be used as Junior Olympics qualifiers, noting that if a qualifier is not near your residence that you can get a free pass to the JO's themselves.

  10. John Pinyerd briefly discussed 2009 fundraising as we all agree that this will be a very challenging year for sponsorship revenue generation.

  11. Next meeting will be March 10 at 19:30 via Skype.
    Note: The meeting date was changed to Sunday March 8th at 8pm EST so everyone could attend.

Meeting was adjourned at 20:45