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USACK Wildwater Committee
Board Meeting Minutes

August 24, 2007 (at US Nationals)

by John Pinyerd
USA Canoe/Kayak
Wildwater Committee Chairman


Board Members in Attendance: John Pinyerd, Tom Wier, David Jones, and Geoff Calhoun. Attending by Skype/Phone: Doug Ritchie, Seth Eisner, and Doug Gordon. Also attending: Lynn Pinyerd, Tierney & Tom O’Sullivan, Chris Norbury, Jennie Goldberg, Peter Lutter and others.

April 14th Minutes: were introduced to the meeting along with copies of the 2007 Budget.

Treasurers Report: David Jones reported that we have a current balance of $6,797.06 and we have no outstanding expenses.

  • We had a beginning balance in 2007 of $9,240 and we have had year-to-date expenses of $11,938 through 8/22. This includes all expensed for Jr Worlds, Coaching, and the Performance Fund. Fundraising YTD has been $9,495 (includes $2,500 USACK allocation).
  • Details of all expenses/revenue for 2007 were circulated.
  • Jones is also keeping a running ledger that mirrors the USACK report.
  • Jones/Pinyerd were very complimentary of USACK’s accounting improvements.

Budget Update/Review to Date: John Pinyerd covered how our expenses had landed in each Level of the 2007 Expense Budget. Highlights include:

  • There was a training camp the week before the Jr Worlds that was funded in Level I. Level V also provided $3,000 for the Jr Worlds. Expenses for housing totaled $3,800 of which $800 was applied to Level I and $3,000 were applied to Level V (See notated 2007 Expense Budget)
  • Pinyerd also thanked our sponsors for their generosity which made the Jr Worlds program possible.
  • Click here to view the Budget Summary with Notes on Expenses

2007 Jr. Worlds in Columbia/Charlotte: Pinyerd reported on behalf of Ben Sandiford

  • The event was well run by USACK (Susan Crossland, Sandiford and others)
  • USA won 3 medals in Team races – ENCOURAGE JR’s to keep training
  • The event was so well run that it bodes well for future

07 Boat Program: Geoff Calhoun estimated that there were about 30 boats purchased at the Jr Worlds. This means that YTD we have added more than 50 Wildwater boats to US base.


08 International Calendar:

  • The Worlds are in ITA June 5-8 – Venue is TBD.
  • Karlovy Vary CZE will host two World Cups June 14-15 (this date is confirmed)
  • Word Cups at Sort (May 16-17) & Treniac (May 23-24) are tentative venues/dates.
  • 08 Jr Pre-Worlds & 09 Worlds will be in SUI in July (target date is mid-July)

08 Venue Selections (Team Trials & Nationals):

  • Sr. Team Trials will need to be completed by the first weekend in April due to race venues in 08 and a potential for World Cups in mid-May. Ideal sites include the Pigeon River.
  • 08 Nationals will need to serve as Sr. Trials for 09 (09 WC’s in Tasmania in Feb). The ideal date for Nationals is the first weekend in August or the last weekend in July.
  • Jr Trials can be separate or combined with other races (due to the Jr Worlds July schedule) but should be completed by June 1st.
  • Pinyerd to send out Call for Bids ASAP reflecting the dates above. The WWC needs to talk them up!
    (Click here to view the draft Call for Venue Bids)

08 Rankings Process: Rob Murphy Proposal: The WWC unanimously agreed to quarterly updates or more often if we can get someone to do them.

Future Board Members: Pinyerd requested that we start the process now

  • Ballots to be emailed by Dec 1st:
  • We need to recruit folks that are dedicated to serve and promote the sport!
  • Pinyerd has served two full terms (4 years) back to back as Chairman and would like to hand over the reins and serve in a lesser role. Board Members wishing to stay on are: Doug Ritchie as Chairman, David Jones as Treasurer, Geoff Calhoun, Tom Wier, and others?

Next Meeting: By Phone – When bids are returned – No later than Nov 1st