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USACK Wildwater Committee
Board Meeting Minutes

April 14, 2007

by John Pinyerd
USA Canoe/Kayak
Wildwater Committee Chairman


Board Members in Attendance (by Conference Call): John Pinyerd, Doug Ritchie, Ben Sandiford, Tom Wier, Chuck Brabec and Geoff Calhoun. Also attending: Chris Hipgrave, Middy Tilghman, Nathan Ham, Jeremy Dicasolo, Mike and Blake Sparks, Andrew McEwan, Seth Eisner, Rodney Rice, Tom and Tiereny O’Sullivan.

Treasurers Report: Jones (read by Pinyerd) – The current balance at USACK is $9239.99 plus a $2500 donation bringing the current total to $11,738.99. This number has not been confirmed by USACK but is believed to be accurate. It does not include the 07 USACK non-Olympic allocation and budgeted donations.
David Jones will set up the USA Wildwater Foundation over the next few months. The goal of the foundation will be to gather a large principle over the next few years and fund the interest to USAWildwater with the idea of funding future teams.

Rankings Update for 06/07: Murphy/Brabec – The 06 rankings are on

2007 Jr. Worlds in Columbia/Charlotte: Sandiford

USA Athlete Participation at the 07 Jr. Worlds: Pinyerd

  • Team Members (We selected 3 k-1s, 3-k-1ws, and only one c-1 and no c-2s at East Trials)
  • West Trails – we must push for participation

07 Budget Review: Pinyerd (for Jones and Pinyerd) – After a through review and discussion the 07 budget was approved. Click here to view the budget

Uniforms for 07: Pinyerd/Hipgrave – USACK will be providing uniforms for 07. USAWW will pay $40 each for a logo fee.

07 Junior Team Coaches: It was agreed that we need a manger/coach more than a pure coach for the head position. Hipgrave, Pinyerd, and Ritchie will attempt to find a good fit. Calhoun will be on sight for part of the time as one of the coaches.

07 Boat Program at the Junior Worlds: Ritchie outlined our plans to buy boats from other countries that attend (see article on

WWC Separate Checking, 501c3 Status: Pinyerd (for Jones and Pinyerd) expressed his confidence in USACK being able to handle our request on a more timely basis going forward. Therefore, there is no need to spend the time, money and effort to set USAWW up as a separate 501c3 and our own checking when we can utilize USACK.

07 Nationals: Pinyerd – We will need to promotion the event to USA and Canadians racers

07 Team Managers Report: Ritchie reported that participation will be limited. Hipgrave and Ritchie will check on the feasibility of using the USACK van. Ritchie will recruit racers at the awards ceremony.

08 International Calendar: Word Cups are Sort (May 16-17), Treniac (May 23-35) and Karlovy (June 14-15). The Worlds are in ITA June 5-8.

08 Venue Selection (Team Trials & Nationals): USA Team Trials will need to be completed by mid April due to the early race venues in 08.

Future Board Members: Seth Eisner was recruited as an “At Large Member”. Seth will advise if he can do it.

2007 Wildwater Volunteers of the Year: Doug Ritchie, Chuck Brabec, and Tom Calhoun were selected for this honor. Pinyerd will compose the article for

Next Meeting: Junior Worlds