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USACK Wildwater Committee
Board Meeting Minutes

October 3, 2006

by John Pinyerd
USA Canoe/Kayak
Wildwater Committee Chairman


Board Members in Attendance (by Conference Call): John Pinyerd, Doug Ritchie, Ben Sandiford, Rob Murphy, Shaun Smith, Tom Wier and Geoff Calhoun. Also attending, Dave Mason of the ICF Wildwater Committee

Treasurers Report: Sandiford - Using a "Quick Report" provided by the USACK account, Sandiford reported that the WWC had an account balance of $99.59 at USACK. It was unanimously decided that Pinyerd would determine what created the accounting glitch and get the correct account balance.

As follow up to the WWC meeting: Working with USACK, Pinyerd was able to determine that the "quick report" needs to be rerun starting in Jan 2005 when USACK started performing our checking. The correct account balance is $5,599.59 and does not include the non-Olympic funding from USACK from 2005 (of approximately $2500) and 2006 (of approximately $2500). With these additions from USACK, the new balance is $9239.99.

Rankings Update for 06 and 07: Murphy - Rankings for 06 are nearly complete and only need the additions of the few remaining races. The methodology will be the same as 05. Murphy will send out a proposal for a revised ranking methodology for 07.

2007 Jr. Worlds in Columbia/Charlotte: Mason/Sandiford - Little, if any, progress has been made by Columbia. The date as reported by Columbia, and listed by may be off by a week. Mason and Sandiford will meet with USACK on Oct 12th and with the ICF Wildwater Committee on Nov 11-12. We should expect an update at that time.

Participation at the 07 Jr. Worlds: We should have a competitive Men's K-1 Team, and may possibly have enough Women to fill a K-1w Team. All board members were strongly encouraged to get Juniors training for this event. We are in great need of C-1s and C-2s. Smith and Pinyerd will work with the ACE and NRC athletes to try and recruit more athletes.

To ensure maximum participation at the 07 Jr. World, the WWC unanimously voted for Pinyerd and Ritchie to develop a methodology to fill slots that are left open on the Junior Team after the completion of East and West Jr. Team Trials. The Pinyerd/Ritchie proposal will be discussed and voted on by the WWC prior to any announcements.

New Business:

Venue Selection Overview: The WWC was extremely pleased with the outstanding bids we received for 07 Team Trials and Nationals.

07 Nationals - In a unanimous vote, the WWC selected the venue bid from Zoar Outdoor (Dryway Section of the Deerfield River) in Western Massachusetts. The dates are August 24-26 (Training on Fri, Sprints on Sat, Classic on Sunday). Zoar Outdoors will recognize Masters and Grand Masters classes.

07 Team Trials - In a split vote, the WWC selected the venue bid from Wilderness Voyageurs of Ohiopyle, PA to host Sr. Team Trials on the Youghiogheny on April 14-15.

07 Junior Team Trials:

  • Western Jr Team Trials - In a unanimous vote, the WWC selected the bid from the Durango, CO Center of Excellence on the Animas. The WWC requested the date be moved back one week to April 21-22 so that it does not interfere with Sr Trials. (Note: DCE has agreed in principle).
  • Eastern Jr Trials - In a split vote, the WWC selected the venue bid from the Nantahala Racing Club to hold Eastern Team Trials on March 31-April 1 2007 as part of the US Open. Proponents of the venue felt that this was our best choice to field a full team.

Boats: Ritchie reported that any add on orders to the Zastera boat shipments must be completed by Nov 15th.

Future Board Members: Hipgrave has resigned due to his work schedule and conflicts. The WWC did not have any suggestions for viable candidates to fill his position. Sandiford hinted that he might want to change positions due to his involvement with Charlotte. Note: our bylaws to not address the subject of mid-term elections or position changes.

Next Meeting: TBD

John Pinyerd
USA Canoe/Kayak - Wildwater Committee Chairman