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Board Meeting Minutes - April 1, 2006

by John Pinyerd
USAWildwater Committee Chair

Board Members in Attendance: Tom Wier, Doug Ritchie, Ben Sandiford, John Pinyerd, Chris Hipgrave, Shaun Smith, Rob Murphy, and Geoff Calhoun.

Also attending were: Dave Mason, Middy Tilghman, and Pat & Beth Hannah.

Old Business:

  • By laws: No changes are needed. The new team selection method and “bye” guidelines are clear.

  • Team Manager's report: Doug Ritchie read Mike and Kristen Beck’s report on their preparations for the World Cup races and World Championships.
    • All rental vehicles must be pre-approved to go into the Czech Republic.

  • Remaining Races for 06: The WWC will be making a big push for Fibark/Nationals.
    • Ritchie will put on a training camp the week of Nationals.

  • 2007 Jr. Words in Columbia/Charlotte: Dave Mason (with help from Ben Sandiford) will be helping to coordinate.

  • Treasurers Report: We currently have $12,481.90 plus a commitment from a donor of $2,000.

  • 05/06 Rankings: Rob Murphy reported they are nearly complete. WWC unanimously agreed to use last year’s methodology for calculating results.

  • Fundraising and sponsorship:
    • status of efforts to date
    • effect on 2006 budget.

  • 2006 Budget Review: Pinyerd/Ritchie conducted a through review of the budget.
    • The WWC ultimately unanimously agreed to no changes.
    • We need to push hard for another $3k in sponsorship for this year (for performance funding) and for permanent sponsors.

New Business:

  • 05 Rankings: Pinyerd will follow up with Martin Bay on the status of the 05 Rankings. If Martin is unable to complete them, Murphy will handle them (Wier will provide support on the methodology).

  • Team Trials Update: Hipgrave is working with sponsors to provide housing, cash for uniforms, etc.

  • “Bye” requests from Michael Harris and Mike Beck to be on the 06 Sr. Team without attending Team Trials were reviewed:
    • Both requests were denied by the WWC because neither Harris nor Beck has met the criteria specified in the bylaws.
    • Beck’s request may be reconsidered if he resubmits with current results.
    • Beck and Harris are both eligible for the Masters International Race although Harris will need to show he is “fit to race” prior to the even.

  • Boats for Juniors/development program: Overall goals were discussed. WWC members are to pool their ideas. Ritchie will move forward with exploring the purchase of a large quantity of boats.

  • Participation at the 07 Jr. Worlds: This is truly a hot button for our future.
    • Calhoun and Tilghman will continue to recruit Juniors from the DC area.
    • Wiegand is key for Jr. participation in CO.
    • C-1s and C-2s are the biggest challenge. Pinyerd is shipping one C-1 he has restored now and urged the rest of the WWC to assist in similar projects. Pinyerd will re-write the “Calling All Canoeist” article.

  • Mono Class Development: is moving forward:
    • Hurricane Kayaks is willing to work with us to provide manufacturing of the plastic K-1 design of our choice. Startup cost are around $6k
    • ICF is willing to provide $6k in funding.
    • Hipgrave/Pinyerd will pursue.

  • Sponsorship Options (Doug Ritchie):
    • Permanent fund: only the account’s earnings would be utilized.
    • “Alternate Payee” fund raising program

  • Pacific Northwest (Ritchie) is looking at coaching, housing, jobs and training support for serious athletes who wish to focus on the 2008 Worlds.

Next Meeting: The next formal meeting will be a conference call in July due to the scheduling conflict between Nationals and the Worlds.