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Wildwater Committee Minutes
June 17, 2005

by John Pinyerd
USAWildwater Committee Chair

Salida, CO

WWC Members Attending: John Pinyerd (JP), Ben Sandiford (BS), Chris Hipgrave (CH), Geoff Cahoun (GC), Tom Wier (TW), Chris Wiegand (CW)

Others Attending Included: Doug Ritchey (DR), Lincoln Williams, Larry Smith, Tom Tierney and Bailey O’Sullivan, Boo Turner, Dennis Adams

Roll Call/Open attendance with introductions: JP

Old Business:

  • Copy of Minutes 03-05-2005 distributed (on the WEB Site)/discussed, JP; approved/2nd BS.

  • Recognition WWC for Supporters (Chuck, Tom, Ed), JP; Ideas as plaques/other, BS to follow up/research expense. BS/JP will handle.

  • Treasurer’s Report: CH- Current balance equal $10,941 but several distributions were in the process of being made. Budget is posted on WEB

  • Levels of Fundraising/distribution r/t future (Sr. Team housing, etc), was proposed by GC. Topic referred to New Business”, JP/BS. No discussion under New/Other Business.

  • Wildwater Junior Team Update:
    • WW Eastern Selections are the only Team members racing this year
    • Schedule of travel: depart July with an August 2nd return.
    • Coach/Manager designees (Shaun Smith (SS), Maurizio Tognocci, Dave Mason, O’Sullivan/shuttle driver)
    • Uniforms/gear: CW was not able to sequester uniforms as planned. The WWC will utilize Sr. Team Uniforms. CH will coordinate with SS.
    • Request for Boat Decals (Nation designator, CH to distribute from USACK Office).
    • Wildwater Junior Team Budget- review by JP – $2500 will come from Level IV and $1200 will come from Level I. A private donor will also contribute $500 bringing the total to $4200. We continue to look for other to Junior WW Team Funding;
    • CW praised the budgeting and requested additional monetary assistance for support personnel and transportation in the future.
    • BS clarified the Junior World Championship venue site change. The Region of “Vale de Sol” is similar to the name “Appalachia” and is not a town on a map, JP. The 2005 race site is near Male in North Central ITA, BS/JP.

New Business:

  • Wildwater Team Trials and US Nationals
    • Wildwater Team Trials and US Nationals must be ‘USACK Sanctioned’ events, JP/CH.
    • Call for 06 Team Trials and Nationals Bids: JP will use the WEB Site, etc., to request Bids. Submission and presentation and vote will be at next WWC Board Mtg. CH has received a request for Sr. Trials in AL
    • CW, to submit Bid for Sr./Jr. Trials combined in Glenwood Springs, CO; TW, DR, BS to submit Bid for WA State; BS stated other possible location for Trials is in Bala, Wales with other countries (CZE, GER, FRA, ITA, GBR, CRO), BS.
    • DR (Doug Ritchie): open discussion on Team Trials combined with the Nationals (World Team selection 1 year prior to International competition, later in the year for greater participation; altitude considerations)… Move on the floor: request for Doug Ritchie to submit Proposal for future discussion, JP/BS.

  • ICF International Calendar designation for 2006 Call for Bids: JP; this year’s USA International races were WW Trials on the Nantahala River, NC and the WW Nationals on the Arkansas River, CO., JP/CH and Gauley River. BS requested designation for future ICF Calendar. Discussion r/t number of races allowed from US/North America, JP. Solution was to designate 2 races for ICF calendar and expect that only 1 will be designated.

  • USACK Wildwater Committee nominees for 2006-2008: open discussion with submission for consideration from the floor-Mike Beck, David Mason, Larry Smith, Ed Gordon, Tom O’Sullivan, Doug Ritchie, Chris Wiegand, Team Reps (East-Nic Borst, West-“open”), Treasurer (mention, Doug Ritchie), Bob Bofinger, Mike Harris, Rob Murphy (submission/open from the floor).

Other New Business:

  • Fundraising (Sponsor return for investment, follow up report to be entered/submitted to the board), open discussion by participants present.

  • New USACK Policy r/t “background checks”, CH.

  • Senior Team, 2006 “Byes”: Team placement without attendance at a selection, GC. Discussion with reference to existing By-Laws on subject, JP.

  • ICF Rules change allowing 6 boats/class/team with 4 boats per competition, (4 each in Sprint/Classic each) BS. Need to change existing USACK WW Rules to comply with new ICF Rules, JP. 2006 Team Trials must reflect the change, JP.

  • Discussion of Team Mangers position: The WWC will request Competition Team Manager(s) for next year. The Beck’s (with help from stateside could work very well).

  • Junior Development: Proposal for joint Sponsorship of Sr. & Jr. Teams, CW.

  • ICF requested for a USA Bid for Junior World Championship, 2007; deadline for submitting a Bid is August 1st, 2005, BS. WWC had “no discussion”. BS will handle with DM.

  • Next WWC Meeting site/date: USACK Office in Charlotte, NC/no date, BS; Tele-Conference, JP/LS; October, JP. New Business for next WWC Meeting:
    • BS to volunteer for gathering of information, domestically, from persons interested in Master’s Team participation at Bala, Wales, 2006 (information to be given to 2006 Team Manager/s);
    • eparate Team Uniform purchase for Master’s Team, individual members to purchase own uniform/not from USACK WWC Team Budget.
    • A request for names of persons interested in the ICF IJWW Exam in Bala, May, 2006.
    • A request for names of persons interested in participating in an International Training Camp, this Jan/Feb in Tazmania, Australia.