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Wildwater Committee Minutes
January 15, 2005

by Chris Hipgrave
USAWildwater K-1
Treasurer, US Wildwater Committee

January 15, 2005 -- Atlanta, GA --

   (in person): John Pinyerd (JP), Chris Hipgrave (CH) & Martin Bay (MB)
   (by phone): Tom Weir (TW)
   (apologies): Ben Sandiford (BS)

Chris Weigand will be providing uniforms for Juniors. Three options are available for senior uniforms. Options exist thru XP apparel, Western Design and Layers Inc. Regardless of options, the costs come out to be about the same. After much discussion about options the board decided to go ahead with the Layers uniforms. The senior uniforms will consist of a charcoal R2 style fleece vest with the 2004 wildwater logo embroidered between the shoulders, a USA hat supplied by DART and a polo shirt with logo. CH will take point on securing the goods and getting them to trials.

Rankings are finally done and all parties are happy. Some modification to the rankings system was necessary and further review of the system is needed. The modifications and rankings will be published on ASAP. MB will be taking over rankings immediately and a review of the current ranking system is underway.

Mike Beck (C1) has requested a bye for the 2005 team in accordance to our by-laws. In accordance with the new by-laws, Mike will need to provide verifiable race results to the committee for a final decision. JP will communicate this to Mike and make sure we move forward in a timely fashion.

World Cup entry forms need to be tracked down and sent to Mike Beck ASAP.

World Cup lodging is coming together and Mike Beck will make reservations ASAP. He also has access to a 9 person van and trailer for about 4-500 Euro a week.

Mike Beck's booster club remains on hold in Florida due to the Hurricane damage in 2004, but he will try and restart soon.

TW is holding a training camp the last weekend in February. The committee is very excited that a structured training camp is happening in the PNW.

CH gave us a quick update on 05 team trials. Things are going well and it should be a great event. We should start thinking about the 2006 trials now as we are on the same accelerated times schedule because the World's will be in May in 2006.

CH will send out a draft 2005 budget in the coming month. Our tentative USACK stipend for 2005 is expected to be only $2000.

CH updated us on Perception's plans to bring in a container of Wavehoppers. More information to come once Perception commits.

CH proposed the construction of a Hall of Fame page on our existing web site to show our colorful history as another tool for bringing in sponsors. The proposal was approved and Andy Bridge, Hipsher/Jones and Fishburn where made our first members. CH will work on content and develop the page with Chuck Brabec.

JP updated us on discussions with USACK and how we handle our money and fund raising funds. We will move ahead with having USACK set up a separate checking account that we can get to electronically and move all funds there.

Next Meeting: Saturday, March 6th, 7:00 PM in conjunction with USA Team Trials