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WW Board Minutes - November 14, 2004

by John Pinyerd
USAWildwater Committee Chair

November 14, 2004 -- Atlanta, GA --

(in person): John Pinyerd (JP), Chris Hipgrave (CH) & Martin Bay (MB)
(by phone): Tom Weir (TW) & Geoff Calhoun (GC)

Training Camps:
GC: No real direction in DC. Tons of time constraints.
JP: NRC Thanksgiving Camp next on south east schedule
GC: Please check in with Chris Weigand in CO on status of Colorado development. JP will follow up.
JP: Atlanta training camp January 15/16 2005.
TW: Spring Camps are a possibility in PNW. Will establish dates around races.
CH: Rob Murphy considering hosting a February camp at the Weeki Wachee in Florida. More info and dates to follow if this comes together.
JP: There is interest out there. Everyone needs to just do it and people will come.

Schedule 2005:
JP: To send out call for events. How do we make contact with race organizers that we we have not touched yet?
GC: Will make an effort to connect
TW: California events. Hard to contact organizers. Will make an effort to connect.
JP: Will ask all board members to try and make contact in their areas. Send all race info to via Chuck.
JP: Chris Weigand is out for Western Junior Team Trials. Fibark will organize. Dates are tight between Fibark and Junior Worlds. Must put organization into place asap.
GC: Side note. Bids are tight for Junior Worlds. More info needed. Ben Sandiford getting more details. Should the USA bid on a Junior Worlds? NRC? Fibark?

Treasurer's Report:
CH: Clarification of bylaws. $1400 unspent at USACK. Money request going out this month to fund fall training camps, including NRC Thanksgiving Camp, ATL Jan Camp and DC.

GC: Dad sending out letters to potential sponsors
JP: Get out and find sponsors NOW! USACK stationary is available if needed.

TW: to contact 2 nearby uniform companies, collecting info
JP: will get Chris Weigands uniform contact
JP: Do masters get uniforms in 2005/06 despite no selection criteria? Must declare intention to race by???
CH: to look into sprayskirt and paddling tops for 2005 team

Other Business
JP: Developing business plan with Ben Sandiford. Should we become our own 501(c3)? Fund athletes, coaches, etc??
JP: Beck booster club is on hold due to massive hurricane damage in Florida
CH: Developing athlete agreement for team trials. Will send it out for discussion once we are closer to TT05
JP: Should we make and effort to remove USA Wildwater board lame ducks?
Martin Bay still wants to be involved at some level but time constraints limit input.


John Pinyerd is Chair of the U.S. Wildwater Committee and a C-1 Wildwater racer living in Atlanta. Reach him at