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WW Board Minutes - August 7 (Approved)

by John Pinyerd
USAWildwater Committee Chair

August 7, 2004 -- Atlanta, GA --

Board Members Attending: John Pinyerd, Ben Sandiford, Chris Hipgrave, Geoff Calhoun, Bob Bofinger, and Chris Norbury.
Racers attending: Ed Gordon, Chara Whitmore, Jess Whitemore, Ross Linthicum, Beth Karp, Scott Lerox, Travis Wieland, Art Miller, Rob Murphy, Lincoln Williams, Ed Gordon, Harold Van Winssen, (and Mike Beck and Kristen Beck by email/proxy)

Approval of the Minutes:
Pinyerd presented an approved copy of the Minutes from the previous board meeting on 4-17-04 (as posted on Sandiford approved.

Treasurers Report:
Hipgrave presented the Treasures Report:

  • USACK has allocated $2800 to for USA Wildwater for 04.
  • USA has spent $1400 for Junior development.
  • The remaining $1400 has been allocated to operating expenses, postage etc. ($200), and to training camps (4x$300).
  • Training camps must have a minimum of 6 participants and not be for personal gain to qualify for funding). Update:
Pinyerd: Martin Bay has really worked hard to keep updated. However, several life changes (job change and a move) have prevented him from being able to keep the website up.
Hipgrave: Chuck Brabec has agreed to be the webmaster for USA Wildwater (one of our most important functions) and started last week. Chuck's expertise and skill is already visible.

05 Budget/Business Plan Subcommittee:
Pinyerd called for a Sub Committee to put together the 05 Budget/Business Plan to be presented at the next board meeting:

  • The board agreed and Sandiford, Hipgrave, and Pinyerd will serve.
  • Goal is to have Budget of $10k with budget trigger that fund programs based on need. Funding for essentials like uniforms and training camps will come first. Funding for athlete expense will come after minimums are met.


  • Pinyerd: now is the time to act for 05. We need equipment/gear as well as funding and need to have a minimum budget of $10k to function properly.
  • Hipgrave: We have USA Wildwater Promotional/Sponsorship DVD we have put together that can be mailed to anyone. Please have anyone who needs a copy to contact me.
  • Hipgrave: Have sponsors contact me for how to donate to USA Wildwater.
  • Pinyerd: Phil Stafford may be able to help with corporate sponsorship. We need fundraisers.

Booster Club:
Mike/Kristen Beck's proposal for Kristen's parents to start a Booster was presented to the board. The board voted in favor of the proposal with the following stipulations:

  • The Booster Club must be fully accountable to the board and give updates on at least a quarterly basis.
  • All funds should be channeled through USA Wildwater or as appropriately agreed upon.

Team Manager for 05-06:
Board votes unanimously for Mike/Kristen Beck to serve as the Team Manager for 05-06 provided that the following stipulations are met:

  • Active communications/email must be maintained (Mike and Kristen will spend much of their time in Germany).
  • The position must be accountable to the Board (our standard practice)
  • The position should support all World Cups during 05-06 and the World Championships.

Races, Training Camps, 05 Race Schedule:

  • Hipgrave has several NRC training camps planned for the fall winter.
  • Pinyerd/Hipgrave will do two training camps in Atlanta: a forward stroke clinic in December for Georgia Canoeing Association plus a winter training camp in January.
  • Pinyerd will send out a call for bids for 05 USA Team Trails and will post on USA by 8/10/04:
    • 05 Team Trials will need to be held by mid-March in order to support the World Cup schedule (all in May)
    • Team Trials bid should be returned by October 1st.
    • The Board will select the location and will make public by November 1st.
  • Board unanimously votes to award 05 US Nationals to the FIBArk Organization without going through additional bids. Pinyerd will forward FIBArk the bid requirements. Nationals will be held on the Arkansas River near Salida, CO:
    • National's race dates are planned to be June 17-18. Awards will be presented to day one Sprints, day two Classic, and the combined champion (based on percentages)
    • The FIBArk classic 26-mile wildwater race will be June 20th. The organizers may also elect to award combined winners for all races.
    • We will explore incorporating Western Junior Team Trials.

Team Trails Sub-Committee Report - Recommend Bylaws Changes
Hipgrave presented the recommended changes:

  • Racers must make a minimum percentage off of the fastest boat (most likely a K-1) to be on to be on the team. The subcommittee studied USA race results for the past few years and, this years international race results, and other world championships. The proposed cut off percentage for 05 is 20% plus the class handicap as follows:
    • K-1 Men: 20% + 0% = 20%
    • K-1 Women 20% + 10% = 30%
    • C-2 - 30% 20% + 10% = 30%
    • C-1 - 35% 20% + 15% = 35%
  • Team Trails must include a Classic Race and two (combined) Sprint Races. The selection criteria will be:
    • Winner of the Classic
    • Winner of the Sprint
    • Remaining slots to be filled based on the best combined percentages from the Sprint and Classic Races.
  • The board incorporated the suggestions from the floor by Jess Whittemore that racers should only be required to make the percentage cutoff on ONE of the race days.
  • We will develop a series of Regional Qualifier Races from each region of the US. While racers are encourages to attend the regional qualifiers, exemptions will be given to those needing a bye to Team Trials while the program is being developed.
    • After, much discussion, the Regional Qualifier concept was tabled for future development.

The board unanimously agreed to Norbury's motion that we finalize the language for the changes to the Bylaws for team trials selection and post on for review and comment.

Meeting adjourned 10:30 PM.

John Pinyerd is Chair of the U.S. Wildwater Committee and a C-1 Wildwater racer living in Atlanta. Reach him at