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WW Board Minutes - April 17 - Approved

*Next Board Meeting Date: August 7th at 7:00 PM, Pulaski NY (in conjunction with USA Nationals)

by John Pinyerd
USAWildwater Committee Chair

April 17, 2004-- Atlanta, GA -- Board Members Attending in Person: John Pinyerd, Ben Sandiford, Chris Hipgrave, Tyler Dyer, Tom Wier, Geoff Calhoun. Martin Bay and Chris Weigand were absent but had forwarded statements.
Guests: Mike Beck, Kristen Beck, Bob Bofinger, Ed Gordon, Amy Walters, and Lincoln Williams
* Pinyerd: Submitted minutes from last meeting in Bryson City 2/21/04 - Approved by Sandiford
* Pinyerd: Old Business, Update on Middy Tilghman. Recap of the criteria that Middy Tilghman had to meet in order to EARN his way on the USA Wildwater Team:
1) Middy (an 03 team member in K-1) agreed to train in Europe.
2) Middy agreed to represent the USA Team at the Worlds and ALL World Cups. He will also share his knowledge with Team USA.
3) Support of his fellow K-1's - The Middy plan had strong support of ALL of the top K-1's: As a matter of record, there was no opposition to the Middy plan and his fellow teammates STRONGLY and unanimously supported him. The top k1s in the USA (and those who would be possibly taking Middy's place were he not to qualify for the US team) agreed in writing to grant Middy a bye. They include: Andrew McEwan, Simon Beardmore, Chris Hipgrave, Geoff Calhoun, Dave Hammond, Austin Krissoff, Nate Krissoff, Shaun Smith, Nic Borst, and Tyler Dyer.
4) The only open item since the last board meeting is that Middy must earn his berth by finishing a respectable percentage off the French team members at their team trials; consistent or better than that of U.S. team member's performance against French team members in the recent past (2003 World Cups.
o Middy Tilgman has completed ALL of the criteria we set forth for him and finished a respectable 7% back at French Trials.
o Motion that Middy be listed as the 4th boat on our Team Trails results. Motion passed unanimously.
* Pinyerd (reporting for Martin Bay: has been updated with the following:
o Minutes from past meetings
o Link us ICF Rules
o Sponsors (Davey Hern and GCA)
* Pinyerd (for Martin Bay): Martin has a new job that is stretching him very thin.
o Hipgrave volunteered to keep the race schedule updated. Michael Beavers is also helping. Calhoun can also help in a limited capacity.
* Sandiford - Uniform Update: Dicks gave us the uniforms (tops) for 50% of their cost. The total cost per Uniform jacket (including embroidery) was $35 (the 15 uniforms purchased so far cost $322.18 and the embroidery cost $210).
* Hipgrave: Treasurer's report - We have a checking balance of $93. USACK has not supplied our $2-3k in funding.
* Pinyerd/Sandiford/ Hipgrave: Sponsorship Update
o Davey Hearn supplied 8 white Wildwater Helmets and 3 Red Large helmets, enough to outfit the entire Europe Team.
o GCA (Georgia Canoe Association) supplied $200
o Dicks gave us the uniforms at 50% of their cost
o Dave Mason has donated (and will buy dinner at Garmish)
o Amy Monier donated $200.
o Pinyerd: will send thank you notes to our sponsors (Davey Hearn, GCA, Dicks Sporting Goods, Amy Monier)
o Sandiford: Charlotte Orthopedic Center is an exciting new sponsor for us.
o An open discussion on Sponsorship/Fundraising possibilities ensued. Mike & Kristen Beck had several excellent insights on how "Booster Clubs" work in Germany.
o Hipgrave: will proceed with putting together a fundraiser "Paddle-A-Thon" for next spring where we would do loops on the Nanty.
* Races and development
o Upcoming (North American Races) - Hipgrave will get the information from the CAN-AM organizers.
o Training camps
* Hipgrave: We will have an NRC Winter Series. This will also include an Atlanta camp in January (like this past year)
* Hipgrave/Pinyerd: We are planning a forward stroke clinic in conjunction with GCA in Atlanta in November.
* Calhoun: will try and get a Wash DC area camp together (with Davie Hearn?)
o Recruitment of Juniors and other paddlers
* Pinyerd/Hipgrave: Cross over slalom paddlers are a major source
* Becks/Sandiford: We should work with the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts at the local and national levels. Kristen Beck can help us with the Girl Scouts as she has considerable experience working with them.
* Sandiford: will develop thoughts on a Wildwater Support (or B) Team
* Wiegand (prepared statement was read by Geoff Calhoun): Support for Jr. Team is excellent. They will have Uniforms, shoes, and sunglasses. In addition, there is plenty of parental support planned for Europe)
o Any of the 2 spots per class that are unfilled in Eastern Trails will be filled at Western Jr. Trials.
* Accommodation Update for Europe:
o Sandiford: Housing for Garmish World Championships May 20-23
* We have lost the armed forces housing but have other housing lined up.
o Calhoun: Housing for World Cup 1-2 - Bovec Slo. May 29-30
o Harris was to handle World Cup 3-4 Karlovy -Vary, Czech. Tepla River June 5-6 but did not make it to the Board Meeting, or Team Trials, and has forfeited his spot on team:
* Motion passed for Hipgrave to handle housing for World Cups 3-4.
o Hipgrave: World Cup 5-6 Moutatahl Switz June 10+12
* All cheap housing is gone. Motels in the area will now cost $50/night and up.
* Sandiford will ask the Swiss Organizers for alternatives.
* Airlines/Boat Transportation:
o Weir: Going through the United Olympic Desk (Arlene Stroud) is still our best bet. Arlene quoted $127 each way to Europe from Seattle.
o Pinyerd/Hipgrave: It helps to get the Olympic Logos on your itinerary (from Arlene).
* Tyler Dyer Alaska Update - Eastern Athlete Rep Position; At Large Position
o Dyer: I am going to Alaska July 2nd and would like for Geoff Calhoun to fill my position. Motion is made and seconded.
* Board votes unanimously for Geoff Calhoun to fill in as Eastern Athlete Rep.
o Motion is made and seconded for Bob Bofinger to fill the vacant "At Large Rep" position.
* Board votes unanimously for Bob Bofinger to fill the vacant "At Large Rep" position.
* 05 Domestic Races
o Hipgrave: We need to place a Greater Emphasis on Sprint
* Propose separate Sprint and Classic National Champions
* Venues will need to support Sprint and Classic Races
o Pinyerd: We need to also consider Teams Trials Rules Changes that would put more emphasis on Sprint (i.e. there are lots of combinations such as Winner Day 1, Winner Day 2, Best %, Best Combined % boats 4-6).
o Beck (and all): Discussion on how the Europeans are doing it
o Motion is passed to form a Work Group to recommend changes to the Bylaws for Team Selection AND Nationals. The scope of the review will include putting greater emphasis on Sprint and to explore recruiting of paddlers to vacant spots on the team.
* Work Group will consist of Wier, Beck, Hipgrave, and Pinyerd.
* Ideas on getting boats for US paddlers
o Hipgrave: we have a number of molds available that we can ship around. Currently a Kayak helmet manufacture Shred Ready (based in Auburn AL) is going to make 4-5 lower end boats for Juniors, etc.
o Bofinger: We just finished making several boats in Washington DC.
o Hipgrave: Plastic (like the kind in Saturn Cars) is still a possibility.
* Mr. Harris requested an exemption from the selection criteria to be named to the team. Mr. Pinyerd has several conversations with Mr. Harris regarding the situation and informed him of the results of an informal poll of other athletes who objected to any exemption being made. The situation was brought to the attention of the Board, which determined it could not make an exception under Wildwater by-laws.
* Next Board Meeting Date: August 7th at 7:00 PM, Pulaski NY (in conjunction with USA Nationals)

John Pinyerd is Chair of the U.S. Wildwater Committee and a C-1 Wildwater racer living in Atlanta. Reach him at