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USA Wildwater Team Committee Minutes 2/21/04

by John Pinyerd
USAWildwater Committee Chair
February 21 , 2004-- Atlanta, GA

Minutes: USA Wildwater Committee Meeting - February 21, 2004.

Attending: John Pinyerd, Ben Sandiford, Chris Hipgrave, Tyler Dyer and Geoff Calhoun
(No conference call)Tom Weir's last email was on the table

Meeting started out reviewing old business, then 'gradually' shifted to new business.
* Review of last meeting in Atlanta Jan 17. Ben Sandiford approved minutes from last meeting.
* Hipgrave mentions that Tom Wier has finished the '03 rankings. Calhoun adds that the '02 final rankings were never posted on

Middy Tilghman's Request to be allowed to compete at French Team Trials:
* Pinyerd- There has been no resistance to allowing Middy Tilghman a one time bye from '04 trials. In fact there was a great deal of support. [see attached letter from Dave Hammond, Simon Beardmore, etc]
* The board votes unanimously to allow Middy a bye from attending team trials in 2004 based on his completion of the following things.
* He finishes a respectable percentage off the French team members at their team trials; consistent or better than that of U.S. team member's performance against French team members in the recent past (2003 World Cups).
* He agrees to race for the United States at World Championships in Garmisch and at all 6 world cups in 2004 and share his acquired training tips and knowledge with other US team members, and the wildwater community.
* Support of the top K-1's: As a matter of record, there was no opposition to a bye for Middy and his fellow teammates strongly supported him. The top k1s in the USA and those who would be taking Middy's place were he not to qualify for the US team (agreed in writing to grant Middy a bye): Andrew McEwan, Simon Beardmore, Chris Hipgrave, Geoff Calhoun, Dave Hammond, Austin Krissoff, Nate Krissoff, Shaun Smith, Nic Borst, and Tyler Dyer.
* This means that only 3 K1s will be selected at trials this year for worlds, and 5 for the world cups.

Selection criteria
* Pinyerd - suggested that we table discussing changing rules of team's trial selection to no longer require racers to finish both days be tabled for this years trials.. Item was once again tabled until a later date.
* Pinyerd also suggested that team selection information be readily available to athletes looking to compete. Hipgrave noted that USACK bylaws are on, tucked away. Such and article has now been posted on the website.
* Sandiford discussed racer participation and likelihood of fielding full teams. Calhoun volunteers to contact Colorado crew to learn their intensions of racing internationally

* USACK uniform proposal - $200 per uniform... committee not thrilled.
* Hipgrave still working with Layers inc. on getting team uniforms for foreseeable future. No cost expected, as long as we 'send them plenty of team photos'
* Ben Sandiford sets march 15 deadline for final yes/no on uniform delivery to trials
* Hipgrave would bring uniforms, and they would be given out after team selection is complete
* Someone suggested separate uniforms for world cup/worlds/can ams? Committee votes against proposal

* Handoff from Beavers to Martin Bay complete
* Hipgrave/ Pinyerd reminded committee that website is worthless unless athletes write articles and send them in to be posted. Calhoun said he would write an article about his experiences on the junior circuit, Kernville, and at Jr. Worlds. And suggested the committee reach out more
* Sandiford asked for a progress report on the linking of to the new USACK website. There is communication, no progress yet.
* Martin bay's new email address to deal with website related items is

Canadian nationals - There is no sprint at Canadian nationals. There is a sprint at us nationals

At large committee positions
* Review and listing of the at large candidates by Sandiford
* Pinyerd brought to vote the nominations of Chris Norbury (as is customary for outgoing Chairman) Mike Beavers and Geoff Calhoun. All passed unanimously
* Possible team mangers -Patty McCool (nominated by Tom Wier). Discussion: McCool unsure about acting as team manager alone. Sandiford agrees to share the job. Nomination for Patty McCool as team manager passes unanimously.

* United - usack still using united to ship boats, may be new costs. Hipgrave will look into costs of flying with boats on united
* British airways - report of British air not flying to USA because of American Air marshals???

USACK/ACA - possibility of losing insurance at usack sanctioned events because of suit against ACA regarding tree limb falling on spectator at a race. BIG PROBLEM

ICF - Sandiford suggests drafting a letter to ICF Chair asking for accountability of actions on several issues, including the possible US bid for world championships in 2008. Committee agrees. Sandiford will write letter.

Racer conduct
* Sandiford brings up questionable and unacceptable athlete behavior at international races in the past and asked for a code of conduct for athletes representing the USA
* Hipgrave adds that latest article states athletes must be aware of ICF rules.
* ICF wildwater rules are posted on the ICF website under wildwater.
* Hipgrave will pull together an athlete agreement prior to team trials.

Lodging in Europe
Garmisch world championships Ger. - race dates are may 20-23
* '98 hotel not available
* Sandiford suggested other placed to stay, including the military base.
* Sandiford will deal with lodging in garmisch, wants to know how many days in advance of nonstop to secure lodging (7?) and asked athletes to make known their flight plans ASAP
* Sandiford brought up problems with people 'crashing on people's floor' stressed that each team member must either stay with the team or camp separately.
* . Final night in garmisch would be Sunday night may 23. then team would leave for Slovenia
World cup 1+2 - Bovec Slo. On Soca river may 29-30 (sat sun)
* Hipgrave described good hotel from last int. race there hotel canid - $40/night/room 2/3 beds /room :-) can we get anything cheaper?
* Calhoun mentioned that US slalom team coach Silvan Poberaj had offered to set him up in Bovec.
* Sandiford assigned Calhoun to work with Silvan and secure cheap lodging in Slovenia
World cup 3-4 Karlovy -Vary, Czech. Tepla River June 5-6 (sat sun)

World Cup 5-6 Moutatahl Switz June 10+12 (thurs/sat)

Sandiford will contact race organizers and committees of all 6 world cups and work on getting applications and such

Separate national champions in '05?
* Hipgrave suggested crowing separate champions of sprint and classic races as well as (or instead of) a combined champion in each class.
* Calhoun thought this would attract more sprinters and slalom athletes to wildwater but cautioned it might also create a rift.
* Issue was tabled

Next meeting was set for Saturday April 17 at team trials in West Virginia

Meeting closed

John Pinyerd is Chair of the U.S. Wildwater Committee and a C-1 Wildwater racer living in Atlanta. Reach him at

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